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LINPAC Packaging responds to volatility with innovative spark

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Following a year of fluctuating raw material and energy costs, Europe’s leading multi-material packaging manufacturer, LINPAC Packaging has moved to put a fresh innovation strategy in place to support customers during volatile market conditions.

In the past month, polymer prices have risen sharply - the cost of both PET and PS rose by approximately €100 per metric ton – and LINPAC Packaging predicts the cost of all polymers will continue to increase through the first half of 2012.

In response to the forecasts, the food packaging company is investing in developing more cost-effective solutions for customers which are lighter and more sustainable and yet retain all the qualities which make them fit for purpose.

Bart Stubbe, VP Purchasing at LINPAC Packaging, said: “We are in the process of developing fresh ideas and high-quality products using the minimum amount of material needed for packaging to effectively protect, preserve and present food. At LINPAC Packaging we have significantly improved our process technologies and are working towards step change improvements in the reduction of rigid tray weights.

“Not only does this help our customers during challenging economic times, it also addresses theirs and consumers’ environmental concerns. This fresh thinking within LINPAC Packaging means that we are committed to delivering cost-effective and innovative packaging solutions which will keep us at the forefront of our industry.”

Mr Stubbe added: “The year on year average, for the last three years, for most polymers has continued to increase, and this trend is set to continue.”

“Our fresh thinking ethos extends from the products we offer to the way we run our business. Ensuring we have a sustainable business operation in place is key to our success and that of our customers,” added Mr Stubbe


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Notes to editors
For retailers, packers and food service clients, LINPAC Packaging is an international market leader in the production of primary fresh food packaging and food service solutions.  We are a multi material technology provider operating across a network of 21 plants in 12 countries.  We champion the reduction of food waste by delivering innovative and efficient packaging solutions.   With over 40 years of experience in food packaging safety and security, LINPAC Packaging is the most trusted brand in today’s market.