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Política de Responsabilidad Corporativa

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Política de Responsabilidad Corporativa

Fresh Thinking! for the environment ...

For nearly two decades, LINPAC Packaging has set the standard for environmental commitments packaging sector. We have followed a formal environmental policy since the 80's and all of our facilities have strategies to conserve resources, reduce energy consumption and minimize emissions to air, water and land. Similarly, we comply with environmental regulations, including exceeding standards where possible.

 We reduce:

  • We intend to reduce the average weight of our packaging by almost 5% each year
  • We reduce our energy consumption by about 10% per year

We recycle:

  • We manufacture a range of trays and baskets using recycled PET
  • Our waste management services cover the packaging and cardboard and plastic recycling, reducing the amount of waste that our customers will end up in the landfill
  • Almost all of our products are recyclable from food packaging to dumpsters.

We reuse:

  • We supply ready packaging for líneales that can be collected in-store to reuse
  • We manufacture, deliver and manage solutions returnable packaging (RTP) and provide repair and maintenance for longer life
  • Some products incorporate recycled materials, including post-consumer food grade material
  • Our independent shipping containers do not require additional packaging and can subsequently be used as storage boxes, buckets, etc.

We use biodegradable materials:

  • We offer a range of packaging products made from polylactic acid (PLA), a material 100% renewable and degradable plastics in compost derived from agricultural crops.

In May 2007, LINPAC Packaging formed an internal group to research and develop solutions to environmental challenges in the plastic packaging industry and its customers. The company is now a leader in innovation in weight reduction and use of recycled materials and biodegradable plastics, including packaging products for food grade.

The plastic RTP has become the first product of its kind to meet the requirements of the new standard for certification of PAS (Specification Publicly Available Specification ) 2050: 2008 Assessment of emissions of greenhouse gases over the life cycle manufacturing products and services.

The new standard, introduced and endorsed by the Association Carbon Trust and its partners, is the only reference available for this type of evaluation. Sets an egalitarian approach to enable enterprises to assess the carbon footprint of their products. Conducted by the independent environmental consultancy Sustain, evaluation quantifies the performance of highly specific comparable containers under specific criteria, in accordance with the requirements of PAS2050 to consider the entire life cycle of a product.

LINPAC Packaging has implemented in all group companies reduction program to improve energy efficiency. Earlier this year, the specific objectives for each local undertaking.

In recognition of its environmental performance, LINPAC was honored in 2008 as a green company of the year at the prestigious awards for the packaging industry in the UK.