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LINPAC Packaging es líder en el mercado de VSP rígido, con cuatro opciones para los clientes

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LINPAC Packaging es líder en el mercado de VSP rígido, con cuatro opciones para los clientes

The packaged food company LINPAC Packaging is a pioneer in the industry with their packaging Vacuum Skin Pack (VSP) for customers who want to extend the shelf life of food and reduce food waste in the supply chain.

The leading European manufacturer of packaging materials has multiple range VSP rigid trays wider market. We offer four different materials for packers red, white meats and fish can find the right tray for the use you will give. The trays are lightweight, fully recyclable and compatible with a series of films with high barrier and shrinkability.

They are available in mono PET, PET / PE, EPS and PP barrier barrier and are suitable for all tray sealing machines VSP market. The program of continual improvement LINPAC Packaging has allowed the company to develop a competitive alternative to packaging Skin Standard Pack that used to be used for vacuum packaging. The company has developed three styles of use:

1 Skin Pack to normal vacuum (under outgoing edge)
2. Skin Pack Vacuum with projection (edge ​​protrudes slightly)
3. Skin Pack Vacuum with great projection (projecting far over the edge)

Joanna Stephenson, vice president of Marketing and Innovation LINPAC Packaging, said: "Our range of rigid trays for use VSP offers customers great flexibility in packaging design. They are not limited to a tray, machine, material and type of specific movie, thanks to its vacuum sealed, prolong shelf life for several days, reducing food waste and improving the bottom line of customers.

"The trend of VSP is growing rapidly, especially in the UK. LINPAC can not ignore a market growing so quickly. However, it is important to note that not move away from our roots of MAP. On the contrary, we are expanding our capacity and increase innovation so that our customers more options to package your fish and red and white meat, and showed at the same time we are able to respond to changing market demands. "

Joanna Stephenson also added: "Retailers and manufacturers are increasingly choose the VSP for Life offers superior storage and helps reduce waste in the supply chain. As the consumer demand around the world is increasingly oriented towards fresh red and white meats and frozen immediately available, the pressure of the packaging industry to develop products that help keep food fresh longer . "

Rigid trays LINPAC are considered the ultimate in packaging design. It comes in several colors, with different labeling options, making them more attractive to consumers and more visually pleasing on the shelves. The variety of designs of packaging also allows stacking products for maximum visual appeal on shelves and optimize shelf space.

"Today, manufacturers, processors and food manufacturers and retailers are well aware of the problem of wasting food, but still a relatively new problem for many consumers who have hitherto rejected food they did not want without much thought affirms the Mrs. Stephenson. According to a report INCPEN about "loss and food waste and food packaging", each year the European consumer waste 222 million tons of food, and many foods are not consumed and discarded, either by negligence or a conscious decision .

"Retailers, food manufacturers and packers have an important role in this regard and should be up to consumers to help reduce waste by offering innovative packaging solutions, tailored to your lifestyle and maximize the life of storage products are in homes. "


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