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Los Cuervos de Pravia take third place in the Jira Al Pantano

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Los Cuervos de Pravia take third place in the Jira Al Pantano

Los Cuervos de Pravia, the Pravian canoe club sponsored by LINPAC Packaging, enjoyed a successful May Day when they participated in the annual Jira at the Trasona Reservoir taking part in the Senior Men and Womens races.
Paddling over two kilometres the club came in third overall with several canoeists securing a second place in a number of categories.
Paloma Gutiérrez from our Pravia site and a keen supported of Los Cuervos de Pravia (The Crows of Pravia) tells us:”The Trasona Reservoir is in Asturias, Spain across the Alvares River near the parish of Trasona, in the municipality of Corvera de Asturias.
"The reservoir is property of Arcelor and its construction was finished in 1957 with the aim of supplying water to the steel plant located in Avilés and to the local population of the area. It is also used for sporting purposes, especially for canoeing, and has played host to the Canoe Sprint European Championships.”
A Jira has been held at the reservoir for the past 56 years to celebrate Labour Day and people come together to share a picnic, enjoy traditional Asturian music and dancing while competing in a variety of sports.
In Spanish Jira means a meal in the countryside with friends and family which can also include a number of sports like canoeing, football, traditional games and artistic contests.
Paloma tells us: “Canoeing is very important in this area of Asturias and in fact there is a High Performance Centre situated right on this reservoir which has led many important canoeists to the Spanish national team.”

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