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Transport / POS Trays

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For delicate products which are easily crushed or damaged during transportation, or to display that sumptuous snack for the impulse snacker

  • Reduced waste in storage and transit – the robust rib design and cavitations in each tray prevent upper layers of products from touching lower layers so that products arrive at their destination in one piece. Let us help you to design around your logistics challenges and retain your products' premium aesthetics throughout the supply chain.
  • Reduced transportation costs – transport trays from LINPAC are designed so that empty trays stack closely together to maximise space both in transit and storage. Filled trays fit neatly together so that more products can be transported in the same space - saving up to 15% on distribution costs. 
  • Maximised point of sale appeal – choose from an extensive range of sizes, shapes and colours to display your products
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Transport / POS Trays