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Poultry Challenge

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The Project Brief

Sada, the leading supplier of white meat to the Spanish retail market was challenged by a leading Spanish supermarket chain to develop a clear tray and lidding film which was lightweight, crystal clear and optimised for the recycling system currently in operation in Spain.  As a leading supplier of both trays for the meat industry and lidding films LINPAC was approached by Sada to jointly develop this innovative packaging system.

The Innovation Investment

A project team including technicians from both Sada and the retailer, tray experts from LINPAC’s Spanish manufacturing plant and film experts from the LINPAC film plant in Pontivy, France was formed to develop and bring to market this unique packaging solution.

The development meant an €300k investment in new production and tooling equipment at LINPAC’s site in Pravia, northern Spain to produce a range of lightweight, mono PET trays. These trays had to be specially developed to withstand an unusual set of internal forces brought about by Sada’s desire to lid the pack with an all PET lidding film. This was deemed necessary to allow the complete tray and film combination to be recycled alongside PET bottles in the Spanish collection system. The chosen film could only be utilised with an unusual gas mixture in the resultant MAP pack, which is prone to give issues of pack collapse. So the trays were optimised through sophisticated 3D Finite Element Analysis software in order to resist the predicted forces.

The end design was found to be extremely effective and was subsequently registered as well as being retained for Sada’s sole use.