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Pizza Discs

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Fresh and tasty – pizzas are growing in popularity and in today’s retail and catering markets you only have seconds to persuade the consumer to purchase your product. So make sure you are ‘Pizza Perfect’ with the LINPAC family of pizza discs and dishes.

  • Maximise profits –the LINPAC Packaging range of pizza discs and dishes ensure a consistent delivery of a stable product to both automated and manual lines to minimise your waste and maximise profitabilit
  • Increase retail sales – lightweight and nonabsorbent pizza bases from LINPAC offer pizzas product support to ensure retention of shape on the shelf and maintain that freshly prepared look
  • Increase shelf appeal – available in a variety of shapes and colours, pizza discs can drive sales through unique stand out design
  • Robust design – manufactured from nonabsorbent EPS, LINPAC pizza disc and dish range retain their shape and rigidity in the chiller cabinet as they do not absorb water, unlike cartonboard discs
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Pizza Discs