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Packaging and retail specialist, Dr. Helene Roberts, has been appointed Group Marketing and Innovation Director – a newly created role at LINPAC. 

Obesity is a hot topic and with today being World Health Day there is no better time to discuss the subject. Packaging can offer a helping hand by providing a solution to portion control struggles. LINPAC for example has specially designed and manufactured three portion-controlling pack designs for this very purpose. 

According to the European Commission around 100 million tonnes of food is wasted in Europe every year, which as it stands could rise to 120 million tonnes by 2020. However, steps in the right direction are being made. 

A £1.2m investment in machinery will enable leading fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, to produce a further 200 million expanded polystyrene (EPS) trays each year at its St Helens manufacturing site in the North West.

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate – that’s what Easter’s all about! LINPAC, with its range of confectionery packaging, is interested in new and emerging product trends, which in turn have a knock on effect on future pack design for the sector. 

Wonky veg

Each year in Europe and the USA, about 900KG of food is produced for each person. Yet of this 280 to 300KG is discarded between farm and fork. In the UK, millions of tonnes of perfectly good food is destroyed before it even leaves the farm.

LINPAC is addressing the growing demand for PET and rPET by investing in excess of €8m in new extrusion and thermoforming capacity in Pravia, Spain to deliver a greater range of lighter, more cost-effective and sustainable products.

In September 2015, LINPAC launched an appeal for donations from its employees, to assist the refugee children caught up in the current situation in Syria. 

British pie week

This week we celebrate one of Britain’s favourite culinary joys – the pie. British Pie Week runs from March 7-13 this year, making it the perfect time to show our appreciation for these pastry sweet or savoury tasty treats.

Fairtrade fortnight runs from 29th February to 13th March this year and has the theme of “Sit Down for Breakfast, Stand up for Farmers”. This first sprang from Martin Luther King’s famous saying “Before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world” highlighting how we, as consumers, take for granted those farmers and workers that produce the food we know and love. This simple act of having a Fairtrade Breakfast can help to support farmers and fight the issue of global food insecurity.