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Why Packaging?

Without packaging, much food and many goods would be damaged or spoiled before they got to us. In less developed countries without the sophisticated distribution and packaging systems that we have in the UK, as much as 50% of food never reaches consumers


LINPAC Packaging has today announced the launch of its new Fresh! Packaging Seminar Series to be held across Europe during this autumn 2011. 

Europe’s leading multi-material packaging manufacturer, LINPAC Packaging, has been recognised for its commitment to staff development and training once again after winning the Wakefield District Business ‘People Make Performance’ Award for a second time.

LINPAC Packaging has appointed Joanna Stephenson as Vice President of Marketing and Innovation. She joins the company following the promotion of Adam Barnett who becomes Vice President of Sales.

LINPAC Packaging is a leading multi-material food packaging company, working in multiple sectors, with operations around the world.

With the current sharp focus on the environmental credentials of packaging products, it is essential that packaging companies look for ways to minimise not only their own environmental impact, in terms of energy usage and waste elimination, but that of their customers too.

LINPAC Packaging is a leading multi-material food packaging company, working in multiple sectors, with operations around the world.

LINPAC Packaging is urging packers and retailers to consider their film printing options to reduce the weight of their packaging, cut costs and market their products to consumers effectively.

LINPAC Packaging is warming up for the barbecue season and urging retailers to ensure their food offering for the season looks appetising and tempting to customers.

The multi-material food packaging manufacturer has a range of trays for packers and retailers to choose from which it designed especially for the barbecue season. Burgers, sausages, chicken and kebabs will stay fresher for longer when wrapped in LINPAC products, giving a tastier product once cooked.

LINPAC Packaging, Europe’s leading multi-material food packaging company, has launched a blog to provide it with a further platform to communicate with its customers.

Active and intelligent packaging promises to make food safer, but to what extent is the safety of these new materials understood and accepted?

"In simple terms, legislation has been crafted in such a way that companies wishing to bring these types of products to market have to carry out a risk assessment which is specific to their individual application.  This is carried out very much on a case by case basis as by their very nature, there cannot be any generalised rules.