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Fruit pot

Healthy eating has been on the mind of consumers of late and with the school term approaching, sending children to school with the right foods is a high priority for parents. LINPAC is one manufacturer that aims to solve this problem by providing innovative, efficient packaging solutions that make it easy for parents to provide a healthy packed lunch.

Retailers, food manufacturers and the packaging converting sector need to design packaging for both functionality and the environment, according to LINPAC, the leading fresh food packaging manufacturer.

National Burger Day

In the height of summer with the sun shining and spirits high, restaurants, bars, retailers and butchers are rejoicing National Burger Day, this Thursday 25th August. Don’t forget - the best burger deserves the best packaging. Happy National Burger Day from all at LINPAC!

Festival Foodservice EPS

Wellies are on, tents dusted off and torches unearthed from the cupboard containing all things random. LINPAC and EPS provide the possibility of enjoying food in a sustainable and guilt free way during the summer festival season.

LINPAC Customer Service Team

The LINPAC Customer Service Team are still on cloud nine after their recent rating from the Institute of Customer Service.  So what is the secret to optimal customer service?

Market leading fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, ranks high in the UK Customer Satisfaction Index, according to the latest survey carried out by independent body, the Institute of Customer Service (ICS).

food waste

Half of the estimated 7 million tonnes of food we throw away from our homes each year is edible; that’s according to the Commons Select Committee for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA). EFRA has launched an inquiry into the impact of food waste, a move which LINPAC very much welcomes.

Leading international fresh food packaging manufacturer LINPAC welcomes the launch of an inquiry into the economic, environmental and social impact of food waste by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee.

Are we being cheated as the size of product packaging shrinks and prices stay the same? Some would say yes, however our desire for healthier lifestyles, convenience and sustainability could say otherwise.

Fresh food packaging manufacturer LINPAC has teamed up with Tesco and Cargill, leading supplier of chicken products, to launch a new split pack for poultry that addresses portion control and food waste concerns.