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Due to the increase in oil prices, further exacerbated by trade patterns and currency movements, styrene monomer prices have been increasing since October 2016. A substantial further price increase of around 20% for February has now been confirmed. This very significantly impacts the cost of polystyrene, the key raw material for expanded polystyrene products.

As a result, LINPAC has no option but to increase prices with immediate effect by 10% for all EPS products.

Recycling around the world

Packaging taxes, clear communications and downweighting were some of the solutions discussed in the recent Guardian debate including LINPAC Group marketing and innovation director Dr Helene Roberts. The debate got us thinking about what the rest of the world is doing in terms of recycling. We have collated a list of innovative ways of how the globe is embracing the recycling movement and turning this ‘waste’ into something more positive for future sustainability.

Leading fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, has collaborated with Norway’s Leroy Seafood Group to produce a range of resource-efficient sushi convenience packs, which will be supplied exclusively to leading Spanish retailer, Mercadona.

Dr Helene Roberts, group marketing and innovation director at leading fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, will join a panel of experts in a debate hosted by national newspaper The Guardian on Thursday 19th January between 1pm and 2pm (GMT). 

Cake portion pack - portion control

National Obesity Awareness Week 2017. It’s a topic that’s close to our hearts; some of our key product innovations from 2016 help to address issues such as obesity by offering food portion control. 

Leading global fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, will partner with food processing material supplier, Progressive Packaging Inc., to introduce its innovative complete tray pack solutions to meat and poultry packers and processers at the 2017 International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE).

Christmas LINPAC

It’s Chriiiiistmas! Get ready for over indulgence, cheesy music, paper hats, crackers…and a mountain of leftovers! Here are our top tips for wasting less food this Christmas...

LINPAC collaboration

LINPAC understands the importance of collaborating with others on new product development and sees it as a primary factor in succeeding within the highly competitive packaging sector. Here, we look at four great collaborations we’ve worked on this year.

Fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, has successfully demonstrated it is meeting the national customer service standard as set out by the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) by retaining its ICS ServiceMark accreditation.

Pyramid LINPAC

We live in a world where omnichannel shopping is now the norm. The e-commerce sector is predicted to grow by an extraordinary 67% to 2021. 

So how can the bricks and mortar channels compete? LINPAC explores how future success can be achieved through traditional channels…