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Leading global fresh food packaging supplier, LINPAC, has today announced a new co-operation with ZULTEC Group, a multinational retail and industrial supplies leader based out of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

LINPAC reinforces its strong investment-led growth and innovation credentials with a refresh of its corporate logo and identity.



It’s easy to blame something such as plastic for being a main contributor to the world’s environmental issues, as it doesn’t have the squeakiest of clean reputations.  However, with everyone hopping onto the sustainability train lately, it’s getting more pressure than ever. Highlighting these three main misconceptions of plastic packaging will hopefully open a few eyes to the wonderful world of plastic!


Featherstone Rovers have been given a timely boost as we enter the final stages of the season with the news that Commercial Partner LINPAC has renewed its main shirt sponsorship of the club and will adorn the front of the home and away shirt next season.

LINPAC, the leading fresh food packaging producer and Bomark, a leading packaging distributor into the Balkan markets are pleased to announce an exclusive supply and distribution agreement 

Is recycling stifling packaging innovation?

Packaging manufacturers face a balancing act of creating innovative products that also meet the needs of environmentally sensitive consumers. At the recent Verona Fresh! Seminar, Director of Innovation at LINPAC, Alan Davey, explained how LINPAC is addressing these issues.

Learn How LINPAC is Keeping it Fresh! in Verona.

Did you know that 64% of consumers will sometimes buy a product off the shelf without any prior knowledge of it?

That interesting fact came up during the Fresh Seminar workshop held in Verona this month (June).

LINPAC Group fully accepts the findings of the European Commission following its investigation into the packaging sector.

Recycling logo

So you’ve got a recycling routine that works for you. You know it like the back of your hand and there’s not one empty plastic bottle or can in sight in the kitchen that isn’t waiting to be collected for recycling. The job is done! But is it really?