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A cross-industry group has agreed a range of new actions and commitments to tackle the long-standing challenge of recycling black plastic packaging. 

South Africa has overcome many social and political challenges in recent years. However, the evolutions and revolutions haven’t distracted the ‘Rainbow Nation’ from the importance of looking after the environment.

Leading fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, has invested over £320k in a state-of-the-art outside chill plant at its West Yorkshire headquarters to bring its UK cooling system in line with the European standards of LINPAC Group. 

LINPAC rPET Food Service

 In this blog, we explore the key trends driving the foodservice industry and what packaging solutions need to deliver to meet the challenge. 

Market leading fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, has been awarded the EcoSense accreditation for its pioneering use and recycling of multi-layer plastics within the sector.

Letter to LINPAC customers from LINPAC Chairman and CEO Daniel Dayan

Tesco Plc has partnered with key supplier, Hilton Food Group, and fresh food packaging manufacturer LINPAC, to maximise the recyclability potential of its plastic fresh food packaging in support of the recycling industry.

Market-leading fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, is extending its food service offer by launching a comprehensive range of rigid rPET solutions for the sector. This complements the current LINPAC portfolio of EPS Hotpacs, catering trays, plates and bowls.

LINPAC, the leading fresh food packaging manufacturer in France, is showing the way towards a circular economy by internally recycling 98 per cent of PVC waste at its Pontivy site.

F Topseal

Megatrends are driving industries into new territories including the retail and FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) sectors, impacting and influencing the daily lives of consumers. In this blog we explore how sustainability driven by megatrends is driving the direction of the packaging world