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Dr Helene Roberts, director of marketing and innovation, LINPAC

Dr Helene Roberts, group marketing and innovation director at leading fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, will join a panel of experts in a debate hosted by national newspaper The Guardian on Thursday 19th January between 1pm and 2pm (GMT). 

The subject is what can be done to reverse the UK’s falling recycling rates and will explore potential consumer and business-driven solutions in response to the challenging issue of reversing the trend.

LINPAC has long been a champion of sustainable packaging solutions. Its Rfresh® Elite pack, for example, is manufactured from over 95 per cent post-consumer recyclate and due to a patented sealing technology, the pack can yield 100 per cent recycled material at the end of its service life.

“Sustainable packaging is now a reality” says Dr Roberts “but issues such as consumer education and localised infrastructure constraints can present challenges to packaging re-entering the supply chain, regardless of the levels of recyclate in the pack.”

She continues: “Driving towards increasingly sustainable solutions in our respective industries is not enough. We need to come together to address some of the wider challenges and misconceptions facing our various sectors to actively and positively contribute to a circular economy.”  

Dr Roberts will join a number of industry experts on the panel, including Iain Ferguson, environment manager at Coop and Steve Morgan, technical manager at Recoup. The full list of panellists can be viewed here.

Questions can be sent to the panel in advance to or @GuardianSustBiz using the hashtag #AskGSB. Registered Guardian users can join the conversation in the comments section