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Europe’s leading fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, has unveiled a new addition to its Rfresh Evolve® rigid vacuum skin packaging range to help retailers maximise shelf appeal and display key product information.

The new trays are manufactured with a variety of label panel designs, which allow pack information to be displayed separately to the product - something traditional vacuum skinned packs do not allow. Using pre-formed trays for skin packaging has provided an opportunity for LINPAC to transform the shelf presence and overall look and feel of meat, fish and poultry packaging.

Director of innovation at LINPAC, Alan Davey, said: “Rigid vacuum skin packaging trays provide great shelf appeal for consumers, as well as meeting the needs of the new labelling regulations.  Ever more information is required on packs, which presents a challenge to packaging manufacturers. Our new range provides several new options to promote the key promotional, nutritional and legal messages.”

Packers and retailers are growing increasingly aware of the benefits that rigid vacuum skin packaging brings – extended shelf life, reduced food waste, supply chain efficiency and increased sales.

The tight aspect of the Rfresh Evolve trays results in fewer leakages and returns, but also has tamper evidence built in as the barrier skin film whitens on peel, revealing whether a pack has been opened or not.

Manufactured from up to 95 per cent in house supercleaned post consumer PET recyclate, the trays can be used on all suitably modified tray-sealing machines and are compatible with all vacuum film supplies, giving packers the flexibility of supply without being locked in to a material or machinery manufacturer.

Mr. Davey added: “Rigid vacuum skin packaging tray designs are evolving rapidly and we can see many ways to differentiate, tier the offer and supply a range of aesthetically pleasing forms, which can be displayed vertically, shingled or hung. On-pack labelling and coloured trays contribute to providing this differentiation and we are also developing a range of printed backgrounds for our Evolve range to really make the solution stand out and look fantastic in store.”

The Rfresh Evolve range offers customers three application styles – normal (below the flange protrusion), protruding (slightly above the flange protrusion) and super-protruding (high protrusion above the flange).

Packs are available in mono rPET, rPET/PE, Barrier PP and Barrier EPS for all current tray designed tray sealing machinery. Most recently, LINPAC has led the way for the industry to move to fully recyclable rigid rPET tray designs for rigid skin packaging, which helps retailers maximise shelf appeal through improved shingling and stacking.