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Rfresh Evolve from LINPAC Packaging – Fresh Thinking Vacuum Skin Packaging Design

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Rfresh Evolve from LINPAC Packaging

According to research completed by the company, Vacuum Skin Packaging, or VSP as it is known, now represents approximately 5% of all protein packaging in Europe but has been adopted most particularly in the UK, Spain and Benelux territories. Packers and retailers are realising highly efficient, long shelf life solutions that maximize sales, simplify the supply chain and most importantly, reduce food waste significantly.

Alan Davey, LINPAC Director of Innovation, comments “Consumers were initially reticent to adopt the Vacuum Skin Pack solution, feeling that aesthetics were poor compared to traditional modified atmosphere pack designs.  Aesthetics were further compromised by the form, fill, seal style of pack with a flat and unstable back sheet that really didn’t work on shelf, was difficult to stack and didn’t present products in the most effective or attractive way. 

“LINPAC has led the way for the industry to move to fully recyclable rigid rPET tray designs for VSP – designing trays manufactured with up to 95% supercleaned rPET, which are fully recyclable back in to food grade flake for packaging, unlike the PP sheet solutions that were traditionally used. 

“Today we are producing a wide range of creative designs to help retailers maximize their shelf appeal through innovative colours, shapes and labeling options and improved environmental credentials.  In short, using pre-formed trays for vacuum skin packaging has provided an opportunity to transform the shelf presence and overall look and feel of VSP on shelf. But we feel that this is just the start of a journey. VSP trays will evolve rapidly and we can see many ways to differentiate, to tier the offer and to supply a range of aesthetically pleasing forms, colours and designs that were not available before. We are investing to support these options, which look fantastic in store. 

“VSP trays can provide great shelf appeal for consumers as well as meet the needs of the new labeling regulations where evermore information is required on pack, providing the pack designer with multiple options to promote key messages. Far from an unattractive but functional alternative as VSP began, it will become the most flexible format over time”

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