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Victoria welcomes LINPAC Group Investment

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U.K headquartered LINPAC Group, an international supplier of rigid and flexible packing solutions for the food industry, is increasing its footprint in Australia by investing in a new ,highly-eficient manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Victoria.

 ith plans to launch this site during 2015, which is complementary to their 2013 site investment in Bunbury, Perth, LINPAC intends to supply the latest design and technology in rPET recyclable, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to the poultry, beef, lamb and fish & seafood markets across Australia.

The introduction of Rfresh Elite to the Australian market has been whole heartedly supported by the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) who have made significant investments to ensure that suitable recycling facilities exist for PET MAP trays to encourage householders to recycle as much as possible.

Graeme Robinson, Managing Director, LINPAC Australia said: “With 5.6 million people on the doorstep in Victoria, some 4 million of them living in the capital city itself, and forecasts of huge consumer growth, Melbourne seemed the perfect location for us to further invest to support our growth plans and the Australian food industry in general.  With Melbourne’s multicultural welcoming environment and the $27 Billion Government spending that is going into the City’s road, rail and social infrastructure, it was an easy decision for LINPAC to seek out a site in this great city. “

LINPAC Group has 17 manufacturing sites across Europe and one plant in Changzhou, China.  Australia is a key development region for the Group in response to the major Australian retailers’ moves into Modified Atmosphere Packaging, away from more traditional trays and overwrap films.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is commonly used throughout  Europe and America due to the substantial benefits it delivers to the entire food supply chain. 

Alan Davey, Director of Innovation said: “LINPAC is thermoforming super cleaned rPET, which is a recycled material sourced from recycled water and fizzy drinks bottles  - including right here in Australia.  We manufacture rigid, high barrier trays from the material, which are then used by third party packers across Australia to pack a variety of food products. 

The trays are top sealed with barrier films to create leak proof, food safe, protective packaging which ensures extended shelf life and fresher foods for Australian customers.  Australians, like many consumers in Europe, are demanding fresher, healthier, convenient meal solutions and the LINPAC tray design and technology brings the latest thinking in recyclable packaging right to the doorstep of the Australian home.”

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