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BPF Booklet Packs a Punch

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The British Plastics Federation Packaging Group has today launched ‘Plastics Packaging: the Progressive Packaging Medium’ a booklet designed to highlight  the key benefits of plastics packaging to Government, Local Authorities’, Consumer bodies and other Non-Governmental Organisations.

This simple objective booklet sets out a powerful case illustrating the extraordinary strengths and uses of plastics packaging. It celebrates the strong heritage and role which plastics packaging has had in helping to create the sophisticated retailing scene which we have in the UK today. At the same time it explores the current strengths of plastics packaging, demonstrating how it has responded to rapid change in the UK’s social and economic needs.

Crucially it sets out the industry's credentials as a facilitator of a low carbon economy in the UK. It documents how plastics packaging products not only save energy in their use but also through their increasingly impressive recycling record and their potential to provide feedstock for energy from waste schemes.  The energy saved globally each year by using plastics packaging is equivalent to 101.3million barrels of oil.

Jonathan Bloom, BPF, Senior Executive-Industrial Issues, stated ‘the booklet is a key facilitator in highlighting the advantages of plastics packaging. BPF Packaging Group members are at the forefront of technological innovation making great strides in design, optimisation of material use, processing and application development.

It is important to note that packaging is called into existence because of the demand from manufacturers, distributors and consumers to protect their products. Plastics packaging is durable, hygienic and safe, shatterproof and plastics materials offer design freedom enabling the production of infinite varieties of packs shapes and configurations. And it is eminently recyclable as the growing volume of recycled packs testifies.

The plastics packaging industry is steadily reducing the carbon footprint of its products. This booklet affirms the success of the industry and highlights the sustainable credentials of plastics packaging as a whole’, concluded Bloom.

Please visit to download the booklet.


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Notes for editors:

British Plastics Federation (BPF) is the UK trade association for the plastics industry – representing the whole supply chain including polymer producers, distributors, additives suppliers, machinery manufacturers, processors and recyclers.