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LINPAC Packaging keeping it Fresh! in Europe

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LINPAC Packaging gave a fascinating insight into emerging global trends affecting the food supply chain and its related sectors at its recent Fresh! European Packaging Seminars across 5 European countries.

Delegates attended a series of events held across Europe in Warsaw, Madrid, Birmingham, Paris and Frankfurt, during the autumn.

The Fresh! European Packaging Seminars brought together experts from industry and academic institutions to present the latest thinking on packaging and how the sector will be affected by the changing social, economic, political and technological landscape.

Speakers included futurist David Smith, Chief Executive of Global Futures and Foresight, LINPAC Packaging’s Jo Stephenson, Vice-President of Marketing and Innovation and Alan Davey, Director of Innovation.  Research specialists from the Plasma Institute based at the University of York in the UK, and representatives from the global plastics industry, spoke about technological advancements in materials and how they will revolutionise applications for food manufacturers and packaging companies.

David Smith told delegates how businesses have to respond to changing populations, changing consumer behaviour, new communication tools and global competition. He said: “The challenges facing our industry are tremendous and the changes which need to happen are vast. In the supply chain industry we need to be ahead of the game and be aware of what is happening around us on a global scale.

“We need to change our attitude to the future if our companies are to survive. Surviving recession is good but simply having a survival strategy takes you nowhere. If you don’t know why you are surviving, if nothing changes, then there is really no point to surviving. We have to change the way we do things to be successful long-term.”

Delegates at the seminars included representatives from major supermarket chains throughout Europe, large multinational packing companies and a variety of suppliers of LINPAC Packaging.

Jo Stephenson, from LINPAC Packaging, gave a presentation on innovation in packaging and how LINPAC was responding to the challenges outlined by David Smith. She said that by embracing new design and technology, packers and retailers can gain a significant competitive advantage.

She said: “The seminars have been fantastic. The feedback we have received from attendees has been extremely positive. They have provided an opportunity for businesses to share ideas and discuss issues affecting them during these volatile economic times. It also allowed us to offer our perspective on what is happening in the packaging sector, how we are responding to change and supporting our customers and ultimately, how we are changing as a business to meet new future market needs.”

On the back of the Fresh! European Seminar success, LINPAC Packaging is already planning a series of workshops to be held in Europe during 2012 including Amsterdam, Lisbon and Milan.  For further information on these or to receive an invite, please contact


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Notes to editors
For retailers, packers and food service clients, LINPAC Packaging is an international market leader in the production of primary fresh food packaging and food service solutions.  We are a multi material technology provider operating across a network of 21 plants in 12 countries.  We champion the reduction of food waste by delivering innovative and efficient packaging solutions.   With over 40 years of experience in food packaging safety and security, LINPAC Packaging is the most trusted brand in today’s market.

LINPAC Packaging is part of the LINPAC Group of companies – see – and in the UK delivers to the protein, bakery, fruit & produce and food service markets from Featherstone and St Helens and has its global headquarters at Knottingley, West Yorkshire.  For further information about LINPAC Packaging: Telephone + 44 (0) 1977 671111 or email