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LINPAC announces specialist tray range for Polish bakery market

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Europe’s leading multi-material packaging manufacturer LINPAC Packaging is meeting the demands of Polish consumers, retailers and suppliers with a range of ‘green’ packaging solutions especially for the bakery market.

Polish consumers want their bakery items to be fresh and tasty while retailers need products to be well presented and easily displayed to sell well. Manufacturers and suppliers look for packaging which will enhance product value through better presentation and a longer shelf life.

LINPAC Packaging has responded to these needs with a range of trays and films which are ideal for presenting both traditional and seasonal cakes and pastries.  The ‘white’ and ‘gold’ range offers retailers the opportunity to differentiate between everyday and premium products.

The trays can be overwrapped using one of the many stretch films offered by LINPAC. Alternatively, a bespoke range of clear lids can be supplied to maximise product display as well as offering excellent protection for delicate bakery items. For industrial producers, LINPAC also offers a range of rigid clear and tinted trays in APET which are ideal for flow-wrapping applications in both printed and clear films. Customers who buy both the trays and compatible film can access LINPAC’s technical support team to make sure their machinery is running at the optimum level.

All the trays and films which make up LINPAC’s bakery range are lightweight, strong and have the lowest carbon footprint available to meet an increasing demand for packaging which is environmentally sound.

Marcin Rutkowski, of LINPAC Packaging, said: “Our range of trays provides an ideal solution for packers and manufacturers who need a protective packaging solution which maintains excellent product freshness, provides strong presentation opportunities and which addresses the environmental concerns of our customers.

“We believe that our range of products, wide enough to meet any demand, combined with our commitment to working with customers to find their ideal solution make LINPAC Packaging an ideal partner for Polish manufacturers and retailers in serving the bakery market.”

LINPAC Packaging is a leading supplier of food packaging products to the central and eastern European markets, with an extensive manufacturing and distribution network across the region. The company is a multi material packaging supplier to the protein, bakery, fresh produce and foodservice markets across Europe and beyond, working with customers to offer consumer focused packaging solutions.

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