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LINPAC AND Comital Cofresco UNVEIL CukiLIN®

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LINPAC AND Comital Cofresco UNVEIL CukiLIN®

A new packaging solution suitable for both oven and microwave ready-meals has been launched in Poland following collaboration between two leading manufacturers.

LINPAC Packaging, the leading European multi-material packaging company, worked closely with Italian aluminium tray specialists Comital Cofresco, formerly Cuki Cofresco, to create CukiLIN® - a complete aluminium tray and film lid solution which can be put in the oven or microwave, making it ideal for ready-meals and appealing to those working in the foodservice sector.

The film/tray combination has undergone extensive testing to ensure it meets the needs of packers, retailers and caterers and offers excellent presentation, extended shelf-life and delivers optimal performance when running on packaging lines. The CukiLIN® partnership means there is a constant level of service and on-site technical support available to ensure customer machinery is running as efficiently as possible.

LINPAC’s high barrier films LINtop PP HB and LINtop Alu HB have been specially developed to be compatible with aluminium trays. They offer a tight robust seal which means there is no need for the product to be packaged in a cardboard sleeve, while both films have anti-fog properties to improve visibility of the product.

Comital Cofresco designed their plain and lacquered smooth wall trays to offer one of the widest flange areas available on the market, improving the sealing properties which reduce the risk of food contamination due to seal breakage.

When combined with LINPAC’s LINtop PP HB (for lacquered trays) or LINtop Alu HB (for uncoated trays) films, it offers a hermetic but peel-able seal, further reducing the number of rejected packs. Although specifically designed to match the CukiLIN trays, the films are suitable for use with any smooth wall aluminium product.

Piotr Baczkowski, from LINPAC Packaging, said: “We’ve been asked for an aluminium tray solution by our customers and have developed the CukiLIN® range in partnership with Comital Cofresco providing excellent lightweight trays with films that are designed to perfectly complement the range, preventing costly seal breakages and machine jams.

“CukiLIN® offers food producers a good quality tray option which is recyclable and provides a long shelf-life. It is ideal for both freezing and use in hot ovens and is convenient for the consumer to use.”

Emilio Minni, from Comital Cofresco, said: “LINPAC are the obvious choice as a partner because they share our level of commitment to customers, service and innovation. They could rely on us to develop a product which would offer real benefits to the packer, retailer and consumer.”

The tray and film combination is also suitable for MAP applications and frozen products, further increasing shelf life and reducing food waste.

LINPAC Packaging is a leading supplier of food packaging products to the central and eastern European markets, with an extensive manufacturing and distribution network across the region. The company is a multi material packaging supplier to the protein, bakery, fresh produce and foodservice markets across Europe and beyond, working with customers to offer consumer focused packaging solutions.

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