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LINPAC Packaging introduces LINbake: a dedicated range just for bakery

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Europe’s leading multi-material packaging supplier LINPAC Packaging has created a new range of bakery packaging solutions to meet the demands of retailers and consumers across Central and Eastern Europe.

The LINbake range offers a complete packaging solution for cakes, biscuits, bread, gateaux and many more products, combining outstanding strength and presentation characteristics with the environmental credentials demanded by retailers and consumers alike.

Presentation plays an important role in most food purchases but the bakery sector is particularly sensitive to how fresh and attractive a product is presented on the shelf. Once a consumer purchases a product, they expect it to be protected and secure on the journey home, meaning it needs to look as good on the dining table as it did in-store.

The new LINbake range responds to these needs, providing off-site and in-store bakeries with efficient and reliable packaging solutions which present and protect products to the highest standards for the most demanding customer.

Marcin Rutkowski, bakery sales manager at LINPAC Packaging, said: “We believe that our new LINbake range of products is wide enough to meet any demand and combined with our commitment to working with customers to find their ideal solution, LINPAC Packaging is an ideal partner for manufacturers and retailers in serving the bakery market.”

“As well as the taste, a great part of the appeal of cakes and sweet pies is how fresh and delicious they look on the shelf. Retailers can also add their own individual branding requirements to many of the products in the range.

“We see ourselves as a partner for packers, manufacturers and retailers and we enjoy working with our customers to supply or create packaging solutions which match consumer demand with the highest technical standards of strength and presentation, combined with a low carbon footprint.”

The LINbake range includes:

• Lite and Rlite - crystal clear hinged cake boxes, bases and lids in either APET or in post-consumer recyclate RPET.
• Bakery Bags – supplied in pre-made sizes or on-the-reel.
• SmartBox – cake boxes with a touch of luxury
• Paper Laminate Film
• Trays

LINbake Lite and RLite Hinged Boxes, Bases and Lids
The LINbake Lite range of hinged boxes, trays and lids is made from crystal clear APET and is ideal for individual or multiple cakes and pies.

Where environmental standards or specifications need to be met, the LINbake Lite range is also available in an RLight version which uses post-consumer-recyclate to help companies meet local ‘eco-tax’ requirements and to meet the growing demand from consumers for a product with stronger green credentials.

The range offers perfect clarity thanks to its APET/RPET construction and provides outstanding product presentation and protection. Bespoke designs can be created for customers and LINPAC offers full technical support to ensure production lines will run as efficiently as possible.

The hinged-box range comes with standard and airtight closure options to ensure products stay fresher for longer.

LINPAC’s range of bases and lids share the same outstanding strength and protective properties and are available in square, rectangle, circular and heart shapes. Bases are available in clear, black, cream or raspberry colours and can be supplied with a variety of portion control systems suitable for profiteroles, truffles or multiple cakes.
LINbake Bakery Bags
The innovative LINbake Bakery Bags meet the consumer’s desire for traditionally packaged bakery products with the efficiency of modern materials. The range is ideal for traditional and speciality breads, providing a rustic look and feel, combined with excellent protective properties.

The bags help to keep bread and savouries fresh and crispy and are available in pre-made sizes or can be supplied ‘on the reel’ for use with in-store automatic bagging machinery. Available with or without a 60mm or 80mm window panel, the bags also allow for a range of creative branding and marketing opportunities with six colour printing options.

As a lightweight packaging option, the product also enjoys a low-carbon footprint and meets the environmental concerns of both consumers and retailers.

Innovative bakery laminate film
With consumers demonstrating a desire for traditionally packaged products across the entire bakery range, LINPAC Packaging has developed an innovative new paper laminate film for the LINbake family which combines the traditional look and feel of paper with the modern properties of advanced packaging films.

The unique paper laminate film is available as a barrier or OPP film and can be heat sealed to provide maximum product freshness, as well as allowing for a range of creative branding and marketing opportunities with six colour printing options.

The paper laminate can also be supplied for use on high-speed flow wrap lines for automatic sandwich and snack wrapping, or for lid sealing MAP products.

As a lightweight packaging option, the product also enjoys a low carbon footprint and meets the environmental concerns of both consumers and retailers, as well as offering a traditional rustic appearance associated with premium quality products.

LINbake SmartBox
A major favourite in every bakery is its cakes and gateaux range, with consumers attracted by fresh, hand-made quality products when selecting their treat of choice.

In response to this, LINPAC has created the LINbake SmartBox range: unique cake boxes which are quick and easy to assemble and which offer retailers and packers excellent product presentation coupled with strong branding opportunities, without compromising on environmental concerns.
The traditional ‘home-made’ look of the SmartBox adds value to the product and is ideally suited to in-store patisseries assembling gateaux’s and cakes in front of customers as well as for pre-packed items.
The SmartBox kits have been designed to ensure they are easy and quick to construct and are supplied as flat packs with stacked lids for easy storage.
The SmartBox range is available in two standard print designs to enhance the look and feel of the box but retailers and packers can create their own eye-catching and bespoke designs. As well as being available with a lid made with post consumer recycled PET, both the cardboard base and lid are easily recycled.

Assorted Trays
Making up the LINbake range is LINPAC’s wide range of trays and films which are ideal for presenting the full range of traditional and seasonal biscuits, with white and gold ranges offering retailers the opportunity to differentiate between everyday and premium products. 

The trays can be overwrapped using one of the many stretch films offered by LINPAC or a bespoke range of clear lids can be supplied to maximise product display as well as offering excellent protection for the delicate biscuits.

For industrial producers LINPAC also offer a range of rigid clear and tinted trays in APET which are ideal for flow-wrapping applications in both printed and clear films.

All of the trays and films offered in LINPAC’s bakery range are lightweight, strong and have the lowest carbon footprint available.

All trays can be made to customers’ bespoke requirements and LINPAC also offers its range of films which have been developed to be compatible with the trays.  Customers who buy both can also access LINPAC’s technical support team to make sure their machinery is running at an optimum level.

LINPAC Packaging is a leading supplier of food packaging products to the central and eastern European markets, with an extensive manufacturing and distribution network across the region. The company is a multi material packaging supplier to the protein, bakery, fresh produce and foodservice markets across Europe and beyond, working with customers to offer consumer focused packaging solutions.

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