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Contemporary designs for ‘wraps’ and tortillas

  • Crystal clear design for maximum shelf appeal this is a hinged box standing vertically to show off product contents
  • 360 product visibility
  • Robust design for maximum protection and to retain freshness
Product type: 

Chilled and Prepared Foods


Whilst food processors and packers require packaging which will enhance product value through better presentation and longer shelf life as well as perform efficiently and cost effectively in the food processing supply chain, crucially, LINPAC also understands that retailers need their products to be easily and attractively displayed, create minimal wastage and sell well.

At LINPAC we deliver fresh thinking and new ways to help you sell a diverse range of chilled and prepared foods by providing you with a full range of innovative convenience pack designs that meet these needs . The full range is either available from stock or individually designed to meet your specific retail requirements


At LINPAC Packaging we understand that we are all leading busier lives – eating patterns are changing, basic cooking skills are declining and the desire for fast, healthy food that is easily prepared is key for the 21st century consumer.

Freshware for chilled and prepared convenience foods