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LINPAC demonstrates innovation through partnership

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The Project Brief

Approached by a leading UK retailer LINPAC was challenged to design a new way of packing soft fruit, principally strawberries, in such a way that it met the following criteria:-

  • Suitable for automatic packaging.
  • Offering  protection, good product visibility and shelf presence to attract the consumer.
  • Reduce the amount of packaging required and offer elements of recycled  and recyclable content.
  • Improve or at least maintain shelf-life of product so as to minimise potential for food waste

The Innovation Investment

In consultation with packaging machinery manufacturers and the strawberry industry LINPAC developed a unique, patented punnet which was suitable for lid sealing. At the same time LINPAC adapted one of the range of LINtop top lidding films to provide the top seal for the punnet.  The film was  printed with all the information necessary to meet both legal requirements and provide the consumer with relevant information, whilst adding opportunity for decoration to enhance shelf appeal.

Win:Win Product Solutions

The new LINPAC strawberry punnet is produced with a unique side ventilation system allowing the product to breathe and therefore maintain shelf life andStrawberry Punnets presentation to maximise product appeal to the consumer.  At the same time the punnet is manufactured from rPET containing a high element of post consumer recyclate.  The punnet , minus the lidding film, at the end of its use cycle, can be placed into the normal recycling system, as if it were a PET bottle.   The final design also meant that less packaging was used for the process as the lidding film removed the necessity of providing a lid to contain the strawberries within the punnet and the printing on the film removed the need for labelling on the outer pack as all the necessary information is printed onto the lidding film.

The final design of punnet fits exactly into existing RTP trays and onto existing shelf fixtures.

LINPAC Delivers Speed to Market

The project brief was first given to LINPAC at the end of 2008 with a view to bringing the new design to market in time for the 2009 strawberry season.  The final patented design was first seen on the supermarket shelves during the 2009 season and has now been developed to suit a whole range of soft fruits in supermarkets across Europe.

For further information, on how LINPACs approach to Partnership Innovation can work for you please contact