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LINdis® R - rPET Premium Tableware

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This range of sleek, ultra modern rPET tableware takes single service tableware to the next level.

  • Peace of mind – strong rPET design ensures food stays on the plate and not in your customer’s lap
  • Enhances your event – the elegant, high quality and contemporary design of LINdis®  R - rPET Premium Tableware is perfect for that special event
  • Ethical design - a new standard in environmentally friendly catering solutions, LINdis®  R - rPET Premium Tableware is manufactured from post consumer recycled materials and so offers a sustainable alternative to the more traditional types of single service tableware
  • Recycle not disposal! – LINdis®  R - rPET Premium Tableware plates are fully recyclable alongside mineral water and fizzy drinks bottles to meet your sustainability requirements
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LINdis®  R - rPET Premium Tableware