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Fresh Seminar

The future of the packaging industry


There are a host of factors set to create change in the food industry: availability and distribution of food-stuffs; shelf-life and perishability; consumer trends and preferences; decisions and legislation on how packaging impacts the environment; cost of raw materials and new technological advancements creating new processes, are just a few of these.

The only certainty is … change.

It’s true, nobody can say for definite what the future will hold. However, there are experts who are constantly analysing and interpreting the latest trends to give you a much clearer picture. This is your opportunity to gain new insights to support your decision-making for future business success.

Latest thoughts on the future

At the event, we will look at the future of the food processing and packaging industry and show how it will be affected by the changing social, economic, political and technological landscape across the industry.


Who has benefited from attending LINPAC Fresh! seminars?

From technical experts to purchasing to business leaders; anyone associated with the fresh food industry supply chain has found valuable information at Fresh! Seminars hosted by LINPAC Packaging.

Food packaging buyers – discover the latest products and technology currently in development, to benefit all those providing solutions within the supply chain.

Food processing professionals –  find out how new materials and packaging processes will help to retain freshness and cut waste, saving product shrinkage and money.

Retail professionals – can establish which types of packaging will keep food fresher for longer, whilst at the same time making it attractive at point of sale and more socially responsible for the consumer.

Marketing professionals – discover how packaging functional attributes are becoming increasingly important in driving sales and in creating competitive marketing advantage.

In short, whichever link you occupy in the food supply chain, Fresh! will have something of value to you!

Our core speakers include

The list of speakers’ at Fresh! represents many decades of experience in industry, food packaging, technology and materials research. This means that you, as a delegate, will gain the latest information from exactly the people with the knowledge that counts.

Adam Barnett

Adam Barnett
Vice President Sales

Educated at Nottingham University, Adam joined LINPAC Packaging in 1996 as Wal*Mart Account Director.  He held various product and sales management positions within the company, eventually playing a leading role in turning LINPAC Packaging into a dynamically market-led company. He was appointed to the LINPAC Packaging Leadership Team in March 2008, running Marketing and Research & Development. In May 2011, Adam was promoted once again to become the company’s Vice-president of Sales.

At Fresh! Adam will be sharing his wealth of experience and views on how every business needs to become ‘customer’ rather than ‘product’ focused to meet future challenges – or suffer the consequences.

Jo Stephenson

Joanna Stephenson
Vice President Marketing & Innovation

A graduate of the University of Manchester Institute of Technology (UMIST),  Joanna joined Dow Chemical in 1992 as a Commercial Trainee, progressing through various plastics commercial roles in the UK & Europe, culminating her career as Product Director, Polystyrene Films based in the European Headquarters in Horgen, Switzerland. 

Joanna then joined RogenSi as a Senior Consultant where for two years she worked with Blue Chip Organisations including Google, Barclays Capital & National Australia Bank in coaching and developing senior leaders.  Joanna moved to Sun Chemical in 2007 as Packaging Marketing Director, Europe and joined LINPAC Packaging as Vice President Marketing & Innovation in 2011.

Alan Davey

Alan Davey
Director of Innovation

Originally a Chemical Engineer, Alan has a wealth of experience in technical, environmental and regulatory compliance fields within the packaging industry. With over 32 years within LINPAC Packaging he has managed major start-up projects in packaging, polymer manufacture and plastics recycling, as well as going on to run these businesses successfully and profitably for the company.

As one of the UK’s most widely skilled polymer and environmental practitioners, Alan was promoted to Innovations Director for LINPAC Packaging in 2007 and has gone on to develop a skilled and dynamic team which today is developing radical and far-thinking packaging solutions.

Fresh SeminarOverview of the day

09.30 hrs     Welcome and introductions

09.45 hrs     Materials, the Environment and Food Safety

10.45 hrs     Introduction to LINPAC and Fresh Thinking Packaging

12.45 hrs     Lunch

13.15 hrs     Featherstone Site Tour

14.15 hrs     New Product Development

15.15 hrs     Wrap Up and Questions