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  • Green meat-alternative tray

    As discussed in the blog ‘How flexitarians are changing the food industry one veggie burger at a time’, flexitarian consumer trends are starting to impact the food industry significantly. LINPAC recognises the vast opportunities the meat alternative market presents to packaging manufacturers and here are five trends we predict will shape this market in 2016:

  • Salmon

    Seafood appears to be an increasingly popular protein source for consumers, especially with the rise in consumption of sushi together with growing numbers of health conscious consumers making a link between fish and well being. Surf and turf dining options and ready-to-cook products are also beginning to attract more millennials. However, despite this apparent popularity, overall volume sales of fish and shellfish are forecast to drop by 13% to 329 million kilograms by 2019.

  • Protein: What's all the fuss?

    So what is this new phenomenon all about? Why is everybody so suddenly interested in innovating new products and consuming protein rich products? It is a known fact that protein helps to rebuild muscle tissue, which is the main reason for the tight relationship between males working out and protein. But it seems it’s not only the male fitness buffs that are interested in the food group. 


    With the sun set to shine, a barbecue is a must. But a summer barbecue can easily turn into a summer disaster if proper precautions aren’t taken to ensure food safety.

    According to the Food Standards Agency, cooks are making their guests ill by charring meat but not cooking it all the way through – in fact, it claims the number of food poisoning cases are up by 27% compared to figures from the last 3 years.

    We’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts to ensure a barbecue goes without a hiccup.

  • Rfresh Evolve vacuum skin pack trays

    “The increase in sales we have seen since the packs were introduced in store shows our customers agree"


  • Unwrap cling film from LINPAC

    Ok, so you know about PVC cling film - the stuff that's used to wrap left over food at home or used by packers/processors to showcase their products in the thermoformed trays in the supermarkets - but do you know what else PVC is used for? In fact, it's more widely used than you probably think.



    Martini Alimentare S.r.l. is one of the major meat producers in Italy.  Producing more than 115,000 tonnes per annum, Martini is the major player in the production of pork, a significant processor in the poultry market and is also renowned as a quality supplier of rabbit meat.

  • LINPAC Pontivy, France

    LINPAC Pontivy celebrated its 34th year this year.  From the reels of flexible film for food packaging found in households around the world to giant rolls of MAP lidding film weighing more than 1000kg each and destined for conversion to modified atmosphere pack applications, LINPAC have food all wrapped up!


  • Innovative rigid VSP solutions from LINPAC drive meat sales for Booths

    A new lightweight shallow rigid tray developed by LINPAC Packaging for vacuum skin packing has helped a family-owned supermarket chain drive up sales of its meat products by 80%.