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  • New 'fold-out' patisserie packaging for the bakery sector developed by LINPAC and Graphic Packaging

    LINPAC and Graphic Packaging are on a roll after collaborating to create a premium range of patisserie packs for cakes and pastries to meet the growing demand for high quality goods within the bakery market.

  • Unwrap cling film from LINPAC

    Ok, so you know about PVC cling film - the stuff that's used to wrap left over food at home or used by packers/processors to showcase their products in the thermoformed trays in the supermarkets - but do you know what else PVC is used for? In fact, it's more widely used than you probably think.


  • LINPAC Pontivy, France

    LINPAC Pontivy celebrated its 34th year this year.  From the reels of flexible film for food packaging found in households around the world to giant rolls of MAP lidding film weighing more than 1000kg each and destined for conversion to modified atmosphere pack applications, LINPAC have food all wrapped up!