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  • That’s Eatertainment: The future of convenient packaging solutions

  • Backing Rovers all the way

    We are delighted to announce that we are extending our commercial partnership with Featherstone Rovers for a further 12 months and will be the main shirt sponsor in 2015 on both the home and away playing shirt as well as replicas.
    LINPAC Packaging first appeared on the Featherstone Rovers shirt in 1981/1982 in the first ever shirt sponsorship deal in Rugby League and were the main sponsor of the club until 1989. We returned as commercial partner in 2013 and appeared on the shorts before becoming our main shirt sponsor in 2014.
    LINPAC Packaging has a long association with the town and employs more than 300 at our global headquarters and site in Featherstone.

  • How we innovate

    As part of our innovation month #LearnHow asks our director of innovation Alan Davey (pictured left) how does LINPAC Packaging ensures it continued to offer innovative packaging solutions like Rfresh Elite?

    What made you decide to create Rfresh Elite and choose to use recycled plastic content?
    The Rfresh Elite trays for meat and poultry were developed to assist the food supply chain reduce its carbon footprint and costs in handling and logistics, as well as address demand from retailers, food manufacturers and consumers for more efficient packaging which is lighter and more recyclable yet retains all the qualities and functionality of trays which are manufactured from virgin material.

  • #LearnHow we are driven by innovation at LINPAC Packaging

    What drives innovation in packaging? That’s a very simple question to answer. Innovation is driven by society and never more so than with packaging – which if it was invented today would be considered one of the most environmentally friendly technologies in the world.
    Packaging is designed to do three things – preserve, protect and present food fit for human consumption. However, today society demands much more. Environmental concerns about carbon, excessive packaging and food waste means that retailers and consumers are demanding a greener packaging solution.
    Meanwhile, society is changing in other ways with more people living alone and choosing to eat in different ways – often buying food on the go.

  • Hoping to double up on awards for Rfresh Elite meat tray

    We have been named as a finalist in two categories of this year’s Plastics Industry Awards and are now in the running for the Best Recycled Product and Best Technology Application categories for our Rfresh Elite tray for fresh meat and poultry.
    Winners will be announced at a black-tie event on October 24 at the London Hilton hotel, hosted by comedian and television presenter Al Murray. The awards recognise the best that the UK plastics industry has to offer and covers material usage, product design, manufacturing, training and environmental performance.
    Rfresh Elite is a mono-material tray, manufactured from up to 95% rPET. It uses a unique sealant, developed by LINPAC, on the tray flange to create a secure seal with the lidding film, removing the need for the industry standard laminated PE base film and creating a crystal clear tray which is 100% recyclable at the end of its service life - a breakthrough in tray packaging design.

  • Do you have an idea for great packaging?

    Do you have an idea for great packaging? Do you think there are better way of packaging food? Do you find inspiration in unique and unusual places? Do you think we can do things differently?
    Well show us what you can do – and enter our #LearnHow competition. LINPAC Packaging is looking for designs which challenge expectations and amaze the world with their approach to plastic packaging design.
    Plus you get the chance of winning three cash prizes of £250, £100 and £50.

  • We’ve won a Stationers’ Innovation Excellence Award

    We’ve done it again! We have just been named in the Stationers’ Innovation Excellence Awards for our Rfresh Elite tray which offers superior efficiency and sustainability features for meat and poultry packers.
    This is the second time we have been recognised for our innovative new meat packaging solution – last month we were presented with a PackTheFuture Award, which recognises sustainability in plastic packaging.
    The Innovation Excellence Awards organised by the Stationers’ Company aims to recognise excellence and innovation in packaging, print, paper and communications.

  • Emotional farewell funeral for Los Cuervos coach and colleague José Luis Parga

    We are sad to announce that José Luis Parga, coach of Los Cuervos LINPAC Canoeing Club and who was also a LINPAC colleague, died on Tuesday in his house in Pravia.
    José was the responsible for the loading dock of the Quintana Warehouse and he has been a colleague of the Spanish LINPAC team since 1993. He will be sadly missed by his colleagues across the LINPAC group.
    Regional newspaper La Nueva España featured a tribute to José in its sports pages yesterday. It’s a fitting farewell:

  • New food-to-go solutions with LeanBake bakery range

    At LINPAC Packaging we are set to expand our LeanBake bakery packaging range later this year with new portion packs for the sweet confectionery ‘food-to-go’ market such as individual cake slices and muffins.
    The packs have been designed for the on-the-go consumption market and will sit alongside the recently launched Freshware range in retailer chilled cabinets, as well as in the bakery aisle.
    The new LeanBake portion packs are designed with lightweight bases and lids with a contemporary look and feel and do not compromise on the functionality needed in the sensitive bakery and confectionary packaging market. 

  • New insights help industry target household food waste reduction

    New insights on how to reduce household food waste can help industry target their activity and enable their customers to waste less and save money. The report released today from WRAP highlights that 2 million tonnes of household food is discarded because it is not ‘used in time’, half of which is thrown away whole or in unopened packaging, costing consumers around £2.4bn a year.
    In a third of cases (660,000t), passing a date label triggered disposal, while foods judged by consumers to have ‘gone off’ before they could be eaten (mouldy, stale etc) were responsible for most of the remaining 1.3 million tonnes. Significant progress has been made around clarifying date labels and storage guidance to keep food fresher for longer, under WRAP’s Courtauld Commitment, but the level of waste clearly shows more needs to be done in these and other areas.

  • Try a slice of LINPAC for premium meats and fish

    An innovative new solution for premium meats and has been designed by LINPAC to reduce food spoilage and waste in-store – we think you’ll like it a lot.
    LINslice is an absorbent EPS base ideally suited to products such as sliced smoked salmon and pre-cooked meats. Micro-perforations have been created within the base to absorb any unsightly juices which can contain bacteria and lead to spoilage of the meat and ensuring that the premium look and feel of the pack is maintained so that shoppers are not put off from making a purchase.