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  • Supermarket aisle

    Reversing the tide on the plastic food packaging backlash

    With mounting public and media pressure on supermarkets to cut down on plastic packaging, it is vital to understand the importance of this valuable material for society and the environment.

  • New 'fold-out' patisserie packaging for the bakery sector developed by LINPAC and Graphic Packaging

    LINPAC and Graphic Packaging are on a roll after collaborating to create a premium range of patisserie packs for cakes and pastries to meet the growing demand for high quality goods within the bakery market.

  •  Three in 10 consumers now class themselves as ‘flexitarians’ (aka flexible vegetarian) – someone who limits the amount of red meat, poultry and seafood they consume.

  • LINtop PE HB film

    Our innovative range of LINtop® films will be on show when we exhibit at this month’s International Production & Processing Exhibition (IPPE) for the very first time.

  • Christmas Hot Food

    Are you ready for the party season?

    Christmas is the season to be jolly and what better way to celebrate than to throw a party for friends and family - did you know on average each host spends almost £112 on food for the Christmas dinner? To make sure the party goes with a swing LINPAC has two fantastic ranges of single service, disposable tableware to suit any occasion. 

  • active packaging

    Just weeks after the World Health Organisation issued a report linking processed meat to cancer, new figures show that UK sales of bacon and sausages have plummeted by £3 million.

  • RECOUP, the UK's leading authority on plastics waste and resource management, has launched a new plastics initiative in time for The European Week for Waste to boost recycling levels and drive behavioural change by consumers.

  • Gender Packaging – The Future for Food Pack Design?

    International Men’s Day took place last week and it got us thinking about gender packaging, why food manufacturers choose to make their product gender specific and how it affects consumer choice.

  • Rovers Home

    LINPAC is a proud sponsor of the local rugby team, Featherstone Rovers with our logo taking pride of place on the players’ shirts and proudly supporting the team all of the way. 

  • British Sausage Week LINPAC

    What would life be like without bangers with your mash, cocktail sausages at a picnic or pigs in blankets next to your turkey at Christmas? Miserable. That’s what.

    We are aware of the health risks that have recently been tied to sausages and processed meats, however eating is all about quantity - any food in excess is bad for you. Sausages are an excellent source of protein, contain essential amino acids and provide vitamins and minerals. 

  • Halloween LINPAC

    Well, it’s fair to say that the once traditionally American holiday Halloween has well and truly got its feet under the British table or should I say has its hands in Britain’s pockets.

    The annual event is expected to provide more than £271 million of benefit to the UK retail sector this year, adding 5% to its annual growth and making it the UK’s third most profitable seasonal period.