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  • Supermarket aisle

    Reversing the tide on the plastic food packaging backlash

    With mounting public and media pressure on supermarkets to cut down on plastic packaging, it is vital to understand the importance of this valuable material for society and the environment.

  • At LINPAC Packaging we’re chillin’ out!

    We’re chillin' here at LINPAC Packaging as we have extended our collection of bowls and containers for salad and deli counters as consumer demand for healthier convenient food choices grows.
    We are now offering retailers a range of options to make their packs stand out from the crowd. These include incline display, click and connect, easy grip, and inlaid portion packaging solutions.

  • 62 per cent of plastic to be recycled by 2020

    More than 60 per cent of plastics will be recycled by 2020 according to a study by Plastics Recyclers Europe.
    A plastics recycling target of 62 per cent is achievable by says the study showing that a higher recycling rate for plastics will create benefits for the European Union environment, economy and resource efficiency.

  • A silver bullet for bug busting technology

    As the Food Standards Agency (FSA) reveals that two-thirds of shop-bought chicken is contaminated with campylobacter with about 500,000 people a year infected, we teamed up with Addmaster to create a bug busting solution to protect consumers.
    The FSA's most recent research suggests about 60 per cent of raw shop-bought chicken is contaminated. Even when a flock is identified as having the bacteria, the birds can still be sold for human consumption on the grounds that, properly handled and properly cooked, they present no risk to human health.

  • How the latest Summer fruit campaign changed packaging trends at Infia

    Fabio Zoboli, marketing manager of Infia, our Italian sister company and leader in the field of fresh fruit and vegetable packaging offers some reflections on the firm’s recent summer campaign ahead of Macfrut 2012, where Infia is exhibiting this month.
    He tells us: "The Spring-Summer fruit campaign 2013 was very much atypical at a European level. The particular weather has in fact extended some of the Spring production and delayed and modified the Summer production.

  • Food on the move solutions for sweet and savoury convenience market

    To meet demand from the growing lunchtime “on the go” food market LINPAC Packaging continues to extend our new Freshware range for sweet and savoury foods.
    Many of the new packs are individual or twin portion sized to help consumers eat more healthily and help them and retailers reduce food waste. As a partner of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign by WRAP, LINPAC is committed to helping all the links in the supply chain minimise the amount of food which is wasted by developing packaging which meets the needs of changing consumer trends and effectively protects and preserves fresh food for longer.

  • Which? lifts the lid on packaging that gives you 'wrap rage'

    News just in from Which?, the consumer rights organisation, which has highlighted the packaging which drives consumers nuts.
    According to Which?’s latest survey of more than 2000 consumers, four in ten people have hurt themselves while trying to open packaging over the last two years. If we scale that up to the UK population, it would equate to a staggering 25 million people.

  • Innovative rigid VSP solution = Tasty meat sales for Booths

    At LINPAC Packaging we are helping retailers extend the shelf-life of their meat products and, more importantly, significantly help improve their sales. Our new lightweight shallow rigid tray for vacuum skin packing has helped family-owned supermarket chain Booths drive up sales of its meat products by 80 per cent.

  • BPF Exhibition opens in key government ministry

    Michael Fallon MP, Minister of State for Business and Enterprise has officially opened the British Plastic Federation’s Plastics the Facts exhibition in the foyer at the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills's central London headquarters at 1 Victoria Street, SW1

  • LINPAC's Jo joins the British Plastics Federation Council

    We’re delighted to announce that our Vice President Marketing and Innovation Joanna Stephenson has been appointed to the British Plastic Federation’s Council.

  • Backing PRE's call on separate PET tray recycling

    Plastics Recyclers Europe has warned that that PET trays must be recycled separately. It says “these valuable products need to be sorted separately from the PET bottle streams and recycled separately in order to ensure resource efficiency”.
    Casper van den Dungen, Plastics Recyclers Europe PET chairman, said: “Trays and bottles are two different types of products which cannot be recycled in the same recycling line. Their designs and chemical compositions are not the same and can create quality problems for existing PET recyclers. The collection schemes and sorting centres cannot push this issue down the value chain.”