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Tackling obesity with portion control

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This year the National Obesity Forum is bringing the UK together to improve health on a national scale for National Obesity Awareness Week 2017, an annual event that runs from 9th to 15th January. It’s a topic that’s close to our hearts; some of our key product innovations from 2016 help to address issues such as obesity by offering food portion control.

With 1 in 4 adults in the UK considered obese1 and trends suggesting this figure could rise above 50 per cent by 20502, the obesity epidemic shows no signs of slowing. The scale of the problem in the UK not only puts a strain on public services today, it’s likely to create further problems for UK service industries in the future.

One particular problem demographic within the obesity epidemic is children. Currently almost 20 per cent of British children leaving primary school are obese3. A new study from Public Health England has revealed children are consuming half their recommended daily allowance of sugar over breakfast. The report suggested that by the end of the day, children are three times over the recommended daily sugar consumption limit.

The Guardian’s ‘Visualisation of global obesity over 40 years’ –  a data visualisation of how the obesity rates have risen in every country of the world from 1975 to 2014 – is an interesting article for further reading on the topic.

So, what simple measures can be taken to help tackle obesity? 

Even though many consumers are proactively eating healthier and adopting a more active lifestyle, everyone needs a helping hand. 

That’s where good packaging design and development can assist.. Clever packaging design can drive appropriate portion control that enables consumers to enjoy their favourite food in a healthier way. According to a poll commissioned for the annual JanUary healthy living campaign carried out by leading research consultancy ComRes in 2016, one in five Britons (21 per cent) believe that reduced portion sizes are a solution to the obesity crisis.

We’ve explored this subject in further detail in the past, explaining how LINPAC solutions address portion control and how the packaging industry can offer a helping hand.

Ultimately, to combat this epidemic, the UK population needs to adopt a healthier mindset. Paired with incentives to make healthier choices such as clearer labelling, in-store promotions on healthy goods and smaller portions, it’s something that can put the nation a step closer to addressing the problem.

National Obesity Awareness Week offers many incentives and tips to ‘do some good for U this JanUary’, see their seven ways to stay active and eat right tips.


1 Health survey for England,2011

2 Tackling obesities: future choices, foresight, 2007

3 National Child Measurement Programme, 2013

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