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Make healthy back-to-school packed lunches easy with LINPAC

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The six-week holiday has come to a close and Autumn is fast approaching. It’s time to dig out the uniforms from the back of the wardrobe and make a last minute trip to the stationery shop to replace the pencils, pens and notebooks that have mysteriously disappeared into the school-break abyss. 

Healthy eating has been on the mind of consumers of late and with the school term approaching, sending children to school with the right foods is a high priority for parents.

The University of Leeds published a study earlier this month on packed lunches for primary school. Findings of the study revealed that just 1.6% of packed lunches meet the tough nutritional standards set by the alternative option of a cooked school dinner.

Packed lunches were found to contain too much saturated fat, sugar and salt and not enough minerals and vitamins. This was mainly attributed to the absence of fruit and vegetables. The survey also found that around half of all primary school pupils take a packed lunch to school, which highlights the vast amount of children affected.

LINPAC is one manufacturer that aims to solve this problem by providing innovative, efficient packaging solutions that make it easy for parents to provide a healthy packed lunch.

Pre-prepared fruit and vegetables encourage children to increase their consumption of healthy alternatives. LINPAC offers a range of packaging solutions for prepared fruit and vegetables with inviting presentation that’s ideal for consumption on the go or for adding into lunch boxes. 

For salads and fruit, LINPAC offers rPET pyramid packs, fruit pots , New Leaf and the TB & Bol salad collections. Parents can neatly stack the robust, transparent packs from these collections into lunch boxes to control portion size and variety, whilst children are able to identify what’s inside. The designs include hinged lids or tray-sealed films, which makes for easy opening by small fingers. 

But what about the ‘bad stuff’? Smaller portions are recommended in order to limit the level of fats, sugars and salts consumed. If you made your child’s favourite chocolate cake last night and want to include it in their packed lunch box, the LINPAC Leanbake portion pack will house a small slice – perfect for ensuring children don’t overindulge on sweet treats.

Time-deprived parents are increasingly under pressure to send children to school with a quality meal that meets tough nutritional guidelines. However, the food and packaging industries are working together to provide convenient, cost-effective solutions to make it easier for parents to give a health kick-start to September school lunch boxes.  

Take a look here for some great ideas on innovative, healthy packed lunches to steer children away from crisps and sweets.

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