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Festival Foodservice EPS

Wellies are on, tents dusted off and torches unearthed from the cupboard containing all things random. It’s been another jam-packed festival season, full of mud sliding, mosh pits and crowd surfing.  

The festival season in the UK is well-renowned, typically running through the months of May to September. Whether it is a large music festival such as Glastonbury or Wireless or a smaller comedy festival, one thing is sure . . . there will be food, and plenty of it, to keep festival-goers energised.

Today’s popular festivals provide food from all corners of the globe to cater for every taste. From jacket potatoes, burgers and curries to Mexican and Thai specialities, you name it, the likelihood is that it can be found in the lines of colourful food tents.

Consideration of the environment increasingly has a part to play in running festivals, with caterers and their customers being much more aware and concerned about their impact on the environment. Choosing a more sustainable food packaging option for on-the-go dining is one way to demonstrate environmental sensitivity.

Typically cardboard is seen as the appropriate green packaging choice for festival fast food. However, have you ever considered Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) as a truly sustainable packaging alternative, as well as suiting the needs of the festival goer?

The LINPAC range of HOTpacs® is manufactured from EPS which has excellent thermal and heat retention qualities. It keeps food warm for much longer than cardboard packaging, giving consumers up to 20 minutes more to consume their food - the perfect amount of time for festival-goers to fight their way through the crowds to find the perfect spot to sit down.

Not only this, the unique air flow technology in LINPAC HOTpacs and FC Meal Boxes ensures that contents do not become soggy, essential for battered food, such as fish and chips, meaning they stay crispier for longer. What’s more, the packs prevent the contents from sticking to the bottom or sides, so the food looks and tastes as good as it did when first served up.

LINPAC Catering Trays are the perfect partner for a festival caterer. The packs are quick and easy to fill, which is essential to get through those long queues and keep customers happy. As well as being extremely lightweight, and manufactured from 93% air, the packs provide compact storage, a bonus when squeezing into that catering van. The trays also come in a range of sizes making them ideal for a variety of different meal options.

With the environment in mind, EPS is also the lowest carbon footprint packaging option available for festival caterers and does not produce any greenhouse gases when disposed of in landfill. Additionally, the energy consumption used in the manufacture of EPS packaging can be recovered through incineration.

LINPAC and EPS provide the possibility of enjoying food in a sustainable and guilt free way during the summer festival season.

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