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Britain’s Burgers are on a roll

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National Burger Day

In the height of summer with the sun shining and spirits high, restaurants, bars, retailers and butchers are rejoicing National Burger Day, this Thursday 25th August. 

Barbeques sizzling, buns to the ready, it only means one thing – it’s burger time!                                              

The UK burger and grills market is expected to grow by over 2% in terms of volume and value. By 2018 the market is expected to reach 21 million kilograms and over £120 million.

Some Brits are moving on to bigger, and some would say ‘better’, things, swapping the traditional beef burger for the premium ‘gourmet burger’. According to Food and Drink analyst Mintel, “The gourmet burger trend continues seemingly unabated, adding value and interest to the burger market”. 

At one time, choice was limited to standard beef burgers in buns with McDonalds or Burger King leading the way. Now the story has changed. Whether burgers are gluten-free, ‘posh’ burgers, supersized or plant-based, there’s sure to be a burger for everyone’s taste. 

Foodservice is leading the way with the rising gourmet burger trend. Bean or vegetable burgers meet the needs of the rising vegan or flexitarian consumer and new taste sensations from exotic meats such as kangaroo, ostrich or crocodile meet the desires of the more adventurous consumer. 

With health conscious consumers concerned about the amount of fat and calories in burgers, new innovations such as plant-based, fish and chicken burgers are being seen more widely.

Whatever the changing trends in the burger market may bring, LINPAC has the ideal packaging solution to suit.

LINPAC Rfresh PET HB trays are industry leading in high barrier performance, extended shelf life and exceptional product visibility. These vital features help to drive retail sales. The high barrier capabilities minimise waste in the supply chain as well as reducing handling costs for packers and processors by up to 20%.

The efficiency of the trays paired with LINtop lidding films ensure burgers stay fresh throughout transit and beyond. Described as a ‘film that protein packers trust’, LINtop PE HB films are robust and reliable, as well as delivering additional high-barrier capabilities for extended shelf life.

For all independent craft butchers out there, look no further. LINPAC LINstar trays offer market-leading absorbency, making it an ideal in-store or short life packaging solution.

For the fast food operator, LINPAC offers an impressive range of hinged boxes and trays that are lightweight and have a low carbon footprint.

LINPAC HOTpacs, manufactured from expanded polystyrene (EPS), have excellent thermal and heat retention qualities, ensuring burgers and chips are still piping hot on consumption. They also prevent food from becoming soggy thanks to unique airflow technology. By using HOTpacs, burgers taste just as good as they first looked at the burger stand.

Planning a barbeque in the garden and want to step it up a level? LINPAC LINdis R elegant range of rPET premium tableware offers a sustainable and fully recyclable tableware option. The guilt free tableware is manufactured from supercleaned recycled PET at LINPAC. The premium finish solution gives you peace of mind when you take the easy route to clearing up - throwing the plates away alongside fizzy drink bottles for recycling at the local recycling facility.

Don’t forget - the best burger deserves the best packaging. Happy National Burger Day from all at LINPAC!

To celebrate the occasion over 800 of the UK’s best burger restaurants are offering a discount of 20%. Find out more at


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