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Snack pots

Sharing our snacks and food is a social trend which does not seem to be slowing. Convenience-craving consumers look for products that allow them to share food with friends or family at ease.

Recent research from Kantar Worldpanel has found that 86% of households buy sharing packs at least once a month.

This growth is linked to increased snacking occasions such as the ‘big night in’, whereby consumers are choosing to stay in with friends or partners instead of going out; a lower cost option to dining out which emerged during the recessionary years.  What’s more, summer is the season for sharing with picnics and barbecues galore, dining al fresco whenever possible, which by its very nature encourages shared eating.

Share packs are popular because of their convenience appeal. They can be manufactured to be re-closable, which allows consumers to finish the contents at a later date whilst maintaining product freshness - which is also a positive step towards reducing food waste. What’s more the share pack usually eliminates the need for plates or bowls, which of course means less washing up too!

New innovations are developing at a rapid pace within the category in order to meet different consumer needs. Health-conscious consumers, for example, may prefer to share a snack in order to consume a smaller amount of food. It is important therefore that packaging is designed to be amenable to portion control and contains clear labelling which provides the nutritional information relevant to this type of consumer.

The sharing segment has seen many innovations within flexible packaging such as re-sealable pouch pack designs, ‘tear n share’ ranges and even packs that transform into bowls or plates to optimise ease of sharing.

Consumers can enjoy the product directly from the pack which adds value to the product.

LINPAC offers a range of packs and snack pots within its portfolio that respond to this popular trend.

Customers benefit from a range of lidded and top seal dip pots, top hinged containers, sandwich platters and both foam and rigid pack designs which are perfect for all types of sharing occasions.

LINPAC Vertifresh®, for example, is ideal for the rapidly growing ‘grazing’ consumer market, especially when trying to recreate a Mediterranean feast. The pack provides versatility for consumers who want to mix and match food choices.  Various multiple clip-in topping tray designs create individual compartments perfect for shareable snacking foods such as olives, sundried tomatoes and cheese.

For those with a sweeter tooth, our LeanBake® Hinged Boxes come in a range of sizes, making them ideal to create a share pack option. In addition the airtight nature of some designs keep baked goods fresher for longer meaning they don’t have to be finished all in one hit, so no excuses! 

And remember sharing is caring!

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