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LINPAC serves up new packaging concepts for Wimbledon

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LINPAC Wimbledon concept

Think Wimbledon, think strawberries and cream and summer parties at home.

A die-hard fan or not, it’s hard not to get caught up in the tennis euphoria when Wimbledon comes around.

The world renowned tennis championships will take place from 27th June to 10th July this year.

Whether you’re lucky enough to go to a game, or watching it from the comfort of your own home, one thing can be sure, the tradition that is strawberries and cream will be involved. 

In 2015, 142,000 portions of English strawberries were sold, covered in 7,000 litres of cream, during the course of the championships in the Wimbledon grounds alone.

Infia, one of the LINPAC Group companies, manufacture rPET punnets to protect these Wimbledon favourites.  The crystal clear punnets offer protection for the popular delicacies during both storage and transportation, as well as aiding consumer choice.  Manufactured using post consumer recyclate, the punnets are supplied with side vent holes to allow air to circulate and breathe, ensuring a longer shelf life.  At the end of use, the pack is fully recyclable alongside standard plastic bottle waste.

Wimbledon also gives the perfect excuse to have a summer party at home and LINPAC has come up with a concept to make ‘a racquet’ about.

LINPAC has developed an rPET bowl solution which uses printed film laminate to create a grass like exterior in aid of the tournament. Within which, sits a holder containing a pot ideal for cream, yoghurt or any other accompaniment to our traditional summer favourite. Contents are sure to remain irresistibly delicious as both the interior pot and exterior pack are film sealed for freshness. 

What’s more, the pack is in a ready-to-eat format meaning that the contents can be consumed straight from the bowl, hitting the grand slam, with no unnecessary washing up!

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