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Packaging - a solution to the obesity crisis?

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Obesity is a hot topic and with today being World Health Day there is no better time to discuss the subject.

One in eight of the world’s adults were classified as obese in 2014.  However, by 2025, this is expected to double to one in five, with a third of those in the UK predicted to be obese according to research by The Lancet medical journal.

Portion sizes and marketing have been partly blamed for this rising level of obesity.

“Just eat everything in moderation…” – if only it was that easy. 

With unclear serving sizes on pack labels, consumers are unsure about how much of the product is considered to be one serving, which in turn complicates how big the recommended portion size is.

Marketing campaigns and images can also be somewhat to blame for enticing consumers into over indulging in their delicious product choice. These factors create a dilemma where consumers have to fight a never-ending battle with self-control.

US researchers, Van Dellen et al, found that “the endorsement of moderation messages allows for a wide range of interpretations of moderate consumption” meaning messages are unlikely to be effective for helping those who want to maintain or lose weight.

‪It is very difficult as a consumer to decipher the ideal amount of a food intake; What 200 Calories Look Like In Different Foods outlines the huge difference in quantity depending on the food type.

Packaging can offer a helping hand by providing a solution to portion control struggles. LINPAC for example has specially designed and manufactured three portion-controlling pack designs for this very purpose.

The temptation to have another small piece of cake can come all too easily but with LINPAC LeanBake® packaging designs, individual and twin portion packs the temptation is taken away for you, leaving you feeling satisfied rather than guilty.

Our lightweight but durable Trimplate® range of EPS tableware is ideal for party foods. The TP4/3 plate is divided into three sections to provide high levels of portion control in order that partygoers don’t have to worry about over eating or creating unnecessary food waste.

Finally, meeting the “eat me, keep me” needs of over indulgers, LINPAC split packs, ideal for meat and fish, can help consumers to buy and most importantly consume the right amount of food. Thanks to the clever design of these packs, food can be kept in the best condition for longer as consumers can open one side of the pack, use two portions and leave the other side of the pack closed to keep products fresher for longer in a sealed pack. What’s more, the MAP techniques used in their manufacture reduces spoilage and contamination to offer a prolonged shelf life. This is not only food safe but avoids waste and most importantly removes the temptation to over eat. 

Nowadays consumers are on the look out for convenient solutions to help them to live easier and healthier lifestyles and LINPAC, the leader in production of packaging for fresh food, is helping to provide just that.

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