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Stay on trend this Easter

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Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate – that’s what Easter’s all about!

The Almond Board of California taught us a thing or two about new emerging trends in chocolate for 2016 and beyond in their webinar with Food Ingredients First.

LINPAC, with its range of confectionery packaging, is interested in new and emerging product trends, which in turn have a knock on effect on future pack design for the sector.

With the help of the webinar, LINPAC predicts the following trends will be the most influential in the next few years to come.



There are a few fruit flavours trending this year and although strawberry, orange and coconut still hold the top spots, emerging flavours passion fruit and blueberry are expected to gain popularity. In 2015, new products launched which combined chocolate and coconut milk experienced a 21% growth. Another important aspect within this fruity trend is the increasing emergence of superfoods. Of growing interest to consumers, ‘superfruits’ baobab, calamansi, goji berries and pomegranite are also gaining popularity due to tapping into artisan and raw trends.

Spice up your life!

It’s all about herbs, spices and chilli, when it comes to livening up the flavourings in chocolate. With consumers becoming ever more adventurous and demanding new flavours and ingredients, this trend shows no sign of slowing down. Chilli and chocolate combinations experienced a 22% increase in 2015.

It’s going nuts…

Nuts are still number one, when it comes to chocolate flavouring; almonds especially are getting used more in the sector and help to create a premium feel.

The darker side of chocolate

Despite half of all chocolate introductions being milk chocolate, dark chocolate is witnessing the highest growth today. Health trends are pushing the popularity, along with organic and rawness qualities and it seems the higher the percentage of pure cocoa, the better for consumers.

How does it feel?

Texture is fast becoming a big deciding factor for consumers of chocolate with softness currently the fastest growing texture followed by crispy. Texture is a clever way to create product originality and create a new taste experience for chocolate lovers.

Dessert inclusion

This trend very much taps into the indulgence sector of the chocolate market with products such as almond butter brownie chocolate, giving products a premium appeal reaching a level of satisfaction higher than the average chocolate bar.

Unique flavour combinations

From strawberry, champagne and popcorn to donuts and coffee, the possibilities in this trend are endless – the more inspirational and adventurous the better. The ‘swavoury’ trend rides on the back of this larger move, with many sweet and savoury flavours coinciding into single chocolate products.

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