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Pancakes out of this world

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Pancake Day

Monday 08/02/16

It’s that time of year again. Shrove Tuesday is upon us along with the obligatory challenge of how many pancakes one can devour in the space of one evening.

To shake it up a bit this year, we are looking further afield to add some inspiration to those soft doughy circles of deliciousness.

Internationally, there are some pancake variations that put the plain British egg, milk and flour masterpiece to shame. Here are our top five pancake recipes from around the globe:


  1. Roti from Thailand- sweet rolled pancakes often sold by street sellers and served with condensed milk or caramelised bananas
  2. Somalia’s Anjero - a spongy, chewy sourdough pancake that has a slightly sweet and sour taste
  3. France the home of the Crêpe – an old classic, thin pancake filled with anything from sugar to ham and cheese
  4. Pönnukökur from Iceland - light but large pancakes perfect for any topping
  5. Finland’s Pannukakku - cooked in the oven rather than fried and often served as a dessert

If you want to see some more inspirational pancake twists from our international counterparts, check out the Huffington Post's extensive list of options to try at home.

Outside of the UK, for millions of Americans and Europeans, Shrove Tuesday is celebrated as the Mardi Gras carnival. During this festival, people line the streets in colourful and exciting costumes - parades, dancing and mask-wearing is a necessity. The French name, meaning ‘Fat Tuesday’, also links to the indulgence in fatty foods before Lent. The Americans have fully embraced this tradition, with the largest celebration hosted by New Orleans which attracts millions of party-goers every year.

The world famous Brazilian Carnival, the biggest of the country’s celebrations, runs for five days to Shrove Tuesday and attracts 70% of the annual visitors to Brazil.

Wishing you all an eggcellent Pancake Day!

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