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Christmas Hot Food

Are you ready for the party season?

Christmas is the season to be jolly and what better way to celebrate than to throw a party for friends and family - did you know on average each host spends almost £112 on food for the Christmas dinner? To make sure the party goes with a swing LINPAC has two fantastic ranges of single service, disposable tableware to suit any occasion.

Trimplate® is a range of EPS tableware, lightweight but durable, and ideal for hot and cold party fare.  Although manufactured from EPS which is 98% air the strength of the material means they will retain their shape and ensure food stays on the plate and not the user’s lap.

For those looking for a sustainable option this festive season why not celebrate with LINdis® R from LINPAC. This range of premium tableware specifically designed with the environment in mind is manufactured using post consumer recycled PET drinks bottles and is fully recyclable when the party is over.

Recycled materials often raise questions about hygiene, especially when food is concerned, but not with LINdis R. The range is manufactured from supercleaned rPET in line with European standards and is guaranteed food safe.

Moreover, since extending the range this year, LINPAC now caters to the whole occasion with a luncheon plate, dessert plate and bowl available, in black and pearl, as well as a range of vibrant colours.

With a total of 4.2 million Christmas dinners wasted in the UK in 2014, LINPAC disposable tableware ranges offer portion control on certain plates to stop those extra roast potatoes getting added and then left on the plate.

Whether it be the sustainable and fully recyclable single service rPET tableware option, LINdis R or the lightweight EPS plate, Trimplate; LINPAC have the perfect choice for guilt-free catering and events this Christmas season!

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