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LINPAC Backs Pledge 4 Plastics

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RECOUP, the UK's leading authority on plastics waste and resource management, has launched a new plastics initiative in time for The European Week for Waste to boost recycling levels and drive behavioural change by consumers.

 As a member of RECOUP and industry leaders in the use of recycled material in our products, LINPAC is throwing its support behind the Pledge 4 Plastics campaign.

RECOUP has created this interesting video which reveals the ‘secret lives’ of plastics and how they can be transformed from one product into something completely different thanks to recycling.

It encourages consumers to recycle by showing them how a juice bottle, for example, can become a football shirt or a yogurt pot can be turned into a table.

We agree with RECOUP when they say there is confusion about exactly what can be recycled and how to go about it in the right way. The lack of awareness and knowledge is the major downfall when it comes to plastics recycling. Many people are unsure which plastics they can and can’t recycle which leads to items being thrown away and going to landfill.

Pledge 4 Plastics is a fantastic initiative which shows how almost all plastic packaging from the home can be can be given a second, third or fourth life when recycled.

According to Pledge 4 Plastics, 36 million plastic bottles are used by UK households every day – of those, a massive 15 million are not recycled.

In fact, all plastic bottles can be recycled, including those used for drinks, sauces, cooking oils, washing up liquid, beauty, garden and car products.

As a company that is committed to reducing plastic waste and create a closed loop recycling process, we have implemented a number of projects and methods to help achieve our aims.

The Rfresh Elite® tray for meat and poultry, for example, is manufactured using up to 95% post consumer recyclate and uses a unique, patented sealant on the tray flange to create a secure seal with the lidding film, removing the need for the industry standard laminated PE base film. The ingenious sealing system, which is food contact approved, can be removed in the hot wash processes employed by Europe’s PET recycling companies, meaning a recycled Elite tray will yield 100% crystal clear PET.

LINPAC has invested heavily in its in-house supercleaning technology to ensure its rPET meets the most stringent food safety and hygiene regulations for food packaging. All suppliers of post-consumer flake sourced by LINPAC undergo a rigorous approval process and the company carries out extraction and migration testing regularly to ensure processes are exceeding European food safety standards.

Elite trays, along with many more products manufactured by LINPAC, have been designed in conjunction with our lightweighting programme. The initiative was implemented to reduce the overall weight and carbon footprint of many of our trays, whilst optimising the use of materials and maintaining product integrity.

Pledge your support to Pledge 4 Plastics by visiting the website to discover more hints and tips and start recycling those plastics - you never know what its next life will be!

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