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The Great British Banger

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British Sausage Week LINPAC

What would life be like without bangers with your mash, cocktail sausages at a picnic or pigs in blankets next to your turkey at Christmas? Miserable. That’s what.

We are aware of the health risks that have recently been tied to sausages and processed meats, however eating is all about quantity - any food in excess is bad for you. Sausages are an excellent source of protein, contain essential amino acids and provide vitamins and minerals.

So where did it all begin…? According to the Love Pork Campaign organisers, it is believed that sausages were brought to Britain by the Romans well before 400 AD and since then we have very much transformed this staple food into a well-known British speciality, boasting over 470 varieties within the UK - Cumberland, Lincolnshire and Cheshire among the favourites.

It is true that consumers are becoming more health conscious so we are eating less of these little rolls of pork.  However, they’re still a family favourite. Every day, 3.7 million meals containing sausages are eaten in UK homes which is a whopping 1.35 billion per year. Still think we no longer eat sausage?

Consumers should simply be looking for that higher quality sausage. According to The British Pork Executive (BPEX) despite sausage volumes remaining at a static level, market value has grown due to consumers opting for the higher quality premium priced sausages.

We need to fight for our bangers this British Sausage Week – and admit that deep down we all love a good old British sausage!

Happy British Banger Week from all at LINPAC! 

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