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Seafood Sales: All at Sea

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 Seafood appears to be an increasingly popular protein source for consumers, especially with the rise in consumption of sushi together with growing numbers of health conscious consumers making a link between fish and well being. Surf and turf dining options and ready-to-cook products are also beginning to attract more millennials. However, despite this apparent popularity, overall volume sales of fish and shellfish are forecast to drop by 13% to 329 million kilograms by 2019.

According to Mintel, on average 70% of Brits believe that a healthy diet should ideally include at least two portions of fish per week.  However, these beliefs appear not have been turned into a reality shown by the expected drop in volume sales.

Over half of consumers prefer to buy fish that has been certified as responsibly sourced. Suppliers, manufacturers and retailers are reacting to this key trend of sustainability and therefore are adjusting their techniques in order to match up to this, which in turn adds value to their products.

LINPAC is no different and has adjusted its product offering and includes a MAP tray manufactured from more than 95% recyclate suitable for fresh fish products along with its EPS trays, which help to greatly increase freshness and in turn reduce food waste.

So, lets celebrate this year’s UK National Seafood Week from 9th – 16th October 2015 by making this ideal a reality and give fish back its ‘plaice’ in our diet.



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