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Keeping it Fresh! in Verona

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Did you know that 64% of consumers will sometimes buy a product off the shelf without any prior knowledge of it?

That interesting fact came up during the Fresh Seminar workshop held in Verona this month (June).

It was designed to show delegates how the choice of correct packaging can help improve their company efficiency, retail performance and delight consumers.

The first seminar focused on the Protein sector – where numerous experts in the field presented their latest ideas and new perspectives on the packaging industry. They also analysed the future scenarios for the food industry and illustrated how the market will be affected by social, economic, political and technological changes.

Buyers of food packaging also had the opportunity to discover the latest products and technologies currently under development which could bring huge benefits to all those working in the supply chain.  Professionals working in food processing were also able to observe how new materials and the latest packing processes and packaging are able to preserve the freshness of products by reducing waste, and product losses, thus saving money. 

Joanna Stephenson from PHD Marketing and Strategy who attended the event, said the Fresh Seminar workshop was very well received by LINPAC partners and is now looking forward to the next event, which is in France later this year.

Another interesting and thought provoking fact to illustrate how important packaging is………

Between 73% and 85% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale.

Packaging design therefore plays a critical role in the consumer decision-making process

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