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Sausage to Swordfish

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BBQ time

The mini heat wave saw temperatures reach 25°C, way above the long-term monthly average of nearer 13°C. Many people will have kick started their Great British Barbeque season. However, meteorologists claim we’re heading for an ‘average’ UK summer, with a mix of rain and sunshine. But, that won’t put people off from dining alfresco and firing up the BBQ.

In 2013, there were over 125 million BBQ’s held across Europe. People are now spending around £35 on food and drink per BBQ.

The overall BBQ and alfresco eating and entertaining market is said to be worth just over £7.1 billion, up from £150 million back in 1997.

Whilst the number of BBQ’s held per family continues to rise, there has also been a food evolution in the type of food now cooked. As a nation of foodies, swordfish steaks, salmon fillets, pulled pork and skewered halloumi and vegetables are now making an appearance. Gone are the days where people find a standard burger and just a sausage or two on the grill, people are now experimenting with all sorts of food.

Fruit is also being grilled – bananas, pineapple, papaya and mango – all of which add some summer colour, flavour and different tastes to the BBQ.

Diversity seems to be the key – and believe it or not, there’s no end to what people can cook on the BBQ. An egg can even been cooked alfresco. Pierce the shell with a needle and place directly on the grill-bars, or cheat and use a griddle-pan for a fried egg.

Perhaps the most impressive BBQ dish is Pavlova. Apparently is has been done. It’s difficult to do, but will enhance BBQ and street-cred no end!

For unusual recipes, check out the Epicurious website

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