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PVC: Invisible but Reliable

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Unwrap cling film from LINPAC

PVC can also be used in the packing of pharmaceutical and medical products - such as blood bags, flexible tubing for catheters, surgical gloves and wall and floor coverings.

That might not be a surprise to many, but what might be a surprise is its use elsewhere. PVC is a very versatile plastic and can be readily formulated to meet specific performance requirements - which means its uses can be endless. Children’s toys, credit cards, roofing membranes, window and door frames, pipes for water, vinyl flooring or plastic furniture - are just a few of the examples of products all made from PVC.

PVC is one of the most used plastic materials in the world and actually underpins safety. Wire and cables encased with PVC help to prevent potentially fatal electrical accidents. In hospitals around the world PVC medical tubing – which does not break or kink – delivers fluids and medicines to patients. Very strong PVC is also used in some car components which can reduce the risk of any injuries being caused in case of an accident. 

PVC not only has a functional performance - it's also used in beauty and aesthetics. In fact, people everywhere benefit from this material, sometimes it's unbeknown to them. PVC products make the difference when it counts.

PDF brochure about PVC Cling films    Download a copy of PVC Cling from LINPAC Packaging is Safe! here.

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