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Martini Alimentare choose LINPAC as packaging partner

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Martini Alimentare S.r.l. is one of the major meat producers in Italy.  Producing more than 115,000 tonnes per annum, Martini is the major player in the production of pork, a significant processor in the poultry market and is also renowned as a quality supplier of rabbit meat.

Orviero Monti, Research and Development Manager at Martini believes “In the retail sector, competition is keen and packaging should not hide the product but should emphasize its quality keeping its intrinsic freshness, flavor and fragrance and making it visually appealing to the consumer”.

As part of their on-going innovation programme Martini recently launched a new high-end product range including porchetta a fette (sliced cooked pork, tagliata di pollo (thin sliced chicken) and kebab di pollo (chicken kebab), which will be offered both under their own brand as well as private label brands.  For this new range, Martini made the decision to look at new packaging and opted for transparent plastic trays rather than the traditional EPS tray normally used in this market sector.

Kebab di polloPorchetta a fetteTagliata di pollo

The reasoning behind this dramatic change was very simple as Sgr Monti explains.  “We started from a very simple consideration - the amount of detailed information we must include on each pack, either as a label or as direct film printing, takes up more and more space.  We are required to inform consumers about ingredients, nutritional values, food legislation, cooking suggestions, etc, which is only right, but product visibility is penalised. By using transparent trays, the product is visible not only from the top but also from the sides and from the bottom.  As a result, we have given the consumer three dimensional visibility!”

This change in packaging format meant that Martini also needed to look for a new lidding film that would provide a suitable barrier to maintain shelf life whilst at the same time enhancing product visibility.  The chosen film was LINtop PP HB F 27 from LINPAC Packaging.  The main considerations in choosing this film included:

  • The price and quality of LINtop PP HB – the transparency and brilliance due to its anti-fog qualities ensure the visibility of the product on the supermarket shelf is outstanding and its barrier properties ensure the product is safe and maintains its shelf life all at a reasonable cost per pack.
  • LINtop PP HB F27 minmises the number of reel changes in production offering lower downtime and higher outputs
  • The lower gauge film (27 microns) also means a lower environmental impact (minor CONAI factor for recycling of packaging waste) and is in line with Martini’s ISO 14001:2004 certification for environmental management

When asked about his experience of use LINtop PP HB Sgr. Mnti commented “To be honest, since using this new film I now sleep better at night which was not always the case in the past with other film suppliers!

LINPAC responded to an urgent production need at Martini with a very flexible attitude and responded with promptness and helpful suggestions that can only bode well for our future relationship.  Service is the key for maintaining a durable relationship in the food industry and LINPAC have responded well to our needs.

We are already working together on a number of other projects which may see us using more of LINPAC Packaging’s materials, both rigid and flexible, in the future.”


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