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#Learnhow simple ideas can reduce food waste

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Sometimes, the best packaging solutions to reduce food waste are the most simple… like our split-tray plastic packaging packs.
The packs, which allow contents to be divided into separate portion-size compartments, in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), mean consumers can store food in the fridge for longer without compromising food safety.
The packs mean meat cuts will stay fresh and attractive for longer and consumers can store food in the fridge for longer without compromising food safety. They are the ideal solution for shoppers to buy meat for the table, assured that they can preserve it as long as possible.
Our UK Managing Director Graeme Robinson says: “We know that too often when consumers use traditional packing, some of the contents often end up in the bin if they don’t get cooked on the same day.  
“Well-designed packaging from LINPAC Packaging can help consumers use the right amount of food and then keep it in the best condition for longer, minimising the food waste trend we’re all conscious of in today’s difficult economic conditions.
“Our split packs are designed so that the consumer can buy a tray of four chicken drumsticks for example, open one side of the pack and use two of them, then put the remaining two back in the fridge in a pack which is still completely sealed, with all the properties of an unopened pack.”
LINPAC is committed to offering new and innovative ideas to its customers year on year. We are always looking to develop and deliver fresh ideas to the market, ensuring we are offering sustainable packaging solutions which meet the needs of today’s retailers and consumers and significantly reduce food waste.

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