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#LearnHow HSHE is at the heart of everything we do

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#LearnHow HSHE is at the heart of everything we do

At LINPAC Packaging our commitment to the health and safety of all our employees, contractors and communities is spelt out in our “We Care” policy and in the Health and Safety, Hygiene and Environment  (HSHE) signs and logos, which can be seen around all of our sites.
Our HSHE vision is built upon the LINPAC foundation that “every individual will look after the health and safety of themselves and others and will passionately pursue a healthy and accident free environment”.
HSHE is the number one priority in all areas of LINPAC’s business and is coached and led by passionate, qualified and experienced experts who audit all sites to our own internal standards which are well above that of internationally recognised regulations and safety standards. Through a culture of best practice sharing, we drive continuous improvement in all areas of HSHE and in 2013 alone achieved Gold Star status across all our sites.
Our most recent audit, which measures the number of accidents and days lost to accidents, shows all 15 sites scored more than 80 per cent - the benchmark for gold status.
We have a long-term record of achievement in this critical area and are proud to lead the packaging industry in Health & Safety performance, well in excess of our industrial statistical average.
At LINPAC we’re committed to managing and reducing our impact on the world on all aspects of energy and water management as well. Our sites have closed loop water cooling systems to maintain and control waste and our energy usage is measured and monitored throughout each day to obtain maximum performance using the least amount of energy.
Our passion for Health, Safety, Hygiene and the Environment extends to our broader stakeholder community. We support industry peer groups, suppliers and customers with advice, guidance and best practice sharing.
This month we will be posting to the blog and on social media about our achievements in HSHE with the hashtag #LearnHow – but sure to follow us.


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